Chevron Canada’s $30K donation enhances Medical Staff Training

| April 4, 2016

Chevron Canada donates $30, 000 to the Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society. L- R: back row: Sheila Petch, Jennifer Wierzbicki, Donna Rector, Lynda Ekdahl, Evelyn Rogers, Lynda Mercer, Danielle Tetrault, Tracy Brown, Gord Mounce, front row: Victoria Schilperoort, Claudia Milanovic, Quina Hoffman. Photo by Brandi Camilleri.

Several volunteer members of the Friends of Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS), nurses and medical staff from the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre, met with representatives Jennifer Wierzbicki and Gord Mounce, from Chevron Canada on March 22 to accept an outstanding $30, 000 donation.

“The support we receive is amazing, we are so grateful for the donation,” said President of the FoFCHS, Lynda Ekdahl. “Thank you to Chevron!”

$24,000 was allocated for education at the hospital, offering four training courses to staff: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (NCIT), Advanced Life Support (ALS), Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) and Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC).

A new SPO2 Sensor – Adultpediatric Oxygen Monitoring Sensor was purchased with the additional $6000 donation. The sensor is an item designed for use in determining the level of oxygen in the blood.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training

With a focus on prevention, NCIT training program equips staff with proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.

NCIT training offers:

  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Complies with legislative mandates
  • Meets regulatory/accreditation standards
  • Improves staff retention
  • Minimizes exposure to liability
  • Promotes Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security

Advanced Life Support

ALS courses offer training to diagnose and administer care to adult patients in cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Trauma Nursing Core Course

TNCC is widely recognized as the premier course for hospitals and trauma centers worldwide, empowering nurses with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and hands on training to provide expert care for trauma patients.

TNCC offers:

  • Rapid identification of life-threatening injuries
  • Comprehensive patient assessment
  • Enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes

Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course

Accurate assessment of a child with an acute illness or injury requires special knowledge and skills. ENPC gives the nurses the tools to provide expert care for patients from birth to adolescence.

ENPC offers:

  • Pediatric ​Assessment Triangle
  • Early Intervention
  • Family Presence



Quick facts on FoFCHS

  • In 2015, purchases made totaled $59, 604.88.
  • Since FoFCHS began in 1982 purchases totaled approximately $684, 760. (includes donations from companies, groups, individuals, yearly quilt raffle and Bargain Alley monies).
  • Hours for volunteer members in 2015 were 566 hours.
  • Total volunteer hours from members from 1982 – 2015 is approximately 22, 861.


Proud History & Presence in Fox Creek

Chevron Canada Limited is conducting horizontal drilling and completions operations in the Duvernay shale formation near Fox Creek where the company has a net 70-percent interest in approximately 330,000 acres in the liquids-rich Duvernay formation.

Chevron is the operator under a Joint Operating Agreement with KUFPEC Canada Inc., which holds a net 30 percent interest. KUFPEC Canada Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company. In 2011, Chevron began a 13-well exploration program.

The wells were completed using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and tied in to existing third party processing facilities. In the second half of 2014, Chevron commenced a program to evaluate reservoir performance, demonstrate commerciality through lowering well costs, and fulfill Alberta land tenure obligations.

Chevron is committed to safely and responsibly developing Canada’s unconventional resources while ensuring the highest level of environmental protection. This includes reducing water use, safeguarding groundwater and developing hydraulic fracturing fluids with the smallest possible environmental impact.

Chevron’s operations in the Fox Creek area include ongoing community consultations, engagement with First Nations and participation in the Fox Creek Operators Group. Chevron Canada has a proud history in the Fox Creek region.

They participated in a discovery in 1957, bought acreage in the area in 1967 and in 1972, built and operated the largest sour-gas plant in the world at the time. The company built 60 houses and an apartment complex for its workers and collaborated with the provincial government to build a bridge from Fox Creek to the plant.

Chevron left the area in 2004 as part of its divestment of mature assets in Western Canada. The Kaybob Duvernay appraisal program has given the company a welcome opportunity to return to the Fox Creek area.

Since 1938, Chevron Canada Resources has been exploring for, developing, producing and marketing crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Chevron Canada Resources has interests in oil sands projects and shale gas acreage in Alberta; exploration, development and production projects offshore Newfoundland and Labrador; a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project and shale acreage in British Columbia; and exploration and discovered resource interests in the Beaufort Sea region of the Northwest Territories.

Net daily production in 2015 from Canadian operations was 20,000 barrels of crude oil, 14 million cubic feet of natural gas and 47,000 barrels of synthetic oil from oil sands. Chevron Canada Resources employs approximately 500 people at our offices and project sites across Canada.

CCL employs over 350 people, in addition to over 2,500 indirect employees in our retail and commercial networks – making us one of the major companies operating on the west coast of Canada. Source:

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  1. Larry Davidson says:

    Chevron back in the 70 s was one of the great company’s to work for. It’s great to see they are back

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