Living the Dream

A dedicated, community news reporter with ten years experience covering Fox Creek and a mission to promote local news, produce a news service that does our community justice and makes Fox Creek proud.

In January, 2011, Fox Creek’s Community News Online came into FOCUS. We launched our website on March 15, 2011.

F – First and foremost local news

O – Opportunities

C – Community-minded

U – Unique

S – Sustainable

Our Vision – My vision is for In Focus to be a ‘go-to resource’ for ‘something about everything’ in Fox Creek and area. We are a local small business, focusing on making a BIG impact. Your Community Connection. – Brandi


  • Telling your stories  •  Promoting your efforts  •  Celebrating your achievements
  • The local economy – advertising and news coverage support each other. We’ll focus on community businesses, we’ll invest in the community, protect and promote local jobs. We’ll help Fox Creek businesses to reach both long-term and transient customers.
  • Community newspapers bring ‘good news’—news of Scout projects, club fundraisers, soccer registration, Chamber of Commerce efforts, minor hockey, dance and student achievements.
  • We hope neighbors get to know each other a little better. We’ll report on anniversaries and family reunions, weddings and graduations. We’ll remind each other about life’s milestones, joys and sorrows- the heart and soul of community.
  • Expression, deliberation and debate. We invite readers to share their stories, talents, and passions. And we encourage community members to use their constructive,  ‘indoor’  voices when deliberating Fox Creek’s current state and future.
  • Ideas should be discussed and evaluated on their own merit not based on who or how they’re presented.  Great ideas are sometimes dismissed and less than great ideas are accepted simply by who presents them.  It’s human nature.
  • Local and regional government issues. We’ll consult elected leaders and resident experts, keep voters informed about how their tax dollars are working, or not working.


Community newspapers are much more than paper and ink, pixels and code. Community newspapers connect us to each other and our environment. Good papers introduce ideas. Great papers stimulate discussion. Excellent papers facilitate consensus.

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