Fox Vegas Hockey team wins Gold in Viva Las Vegas

| May 13, 2013
Bright lights, a short flight and very little sleep, a group of 9 Fox Vegas men participated in a Can Am hockey tournament in Las Vegas, May 3-5.

Six players from the Chiefs recreational team; Chace Lamb, Tyler Plamondon, Marc Johnson, Ian Young, James (Ginger) Swaines, Mike Davidson and Brett Lamb, one player from the Woodpeckers team; Cam MacKinnon and the goalie, Chris McKennitt from the Not to Bads team participated.

The men, averaging in age from 24 to 40 years old, scored first place playing four games. The Fox Vegas group earned a plaque and gold medals.

They competed among three different teams; one from Los Angeles, one from Pennsylvanian and one from Bangkok, Thailand.

Most teams had 15-16 players on their team.

This was the first destination hockey tournament for the men, besides competing locally, down the highway to Valleyview.

The tournament at the Ice Palace Centre in Las Vegas included three round robin games – the guys tied the first game, 4-4; lost the second game 5-4; third game won 9-2 and Final Game in the A final; won 6-3. Their first game was Friday night, followed by two games Saturday, the early 8 am game a little rough on the edges and one game on Sunday.

Chace, organizer of the men’s recreational tournament, explained the trip was organized this past winter by researching hockey tournaments in Vegas, the team registered online.

The Can Am tournament is hosted in February and May. Chace and the team decided to make the trip in May.

“Everyone played good, it was a lot of fun,” said Chace, who said they all plan to return every year. They met up with others from Fox Creek on Freemont Street that were holidaying in Vegas.

The group rented an RV for the weekend and drove back and forth from the hotel and after winning the tournament, they wanted to go to Disneyland, they joked, so they went to the Hoover Dam.

“It was awesome, couldn’t asked to go with a better group of guys. Everyone busted their butts, it was a great time.

Everyone did their part, pulled together – well except Brett Lamb, he couldn’t put a puck in the ocean if his life depended on it,” laughed Chris.

There were many highlights of the trip and memories captured on the camera; however Chace explained that a cut to his lip in the final game from a high stick penalty on the opposing team resulted in the best part.

He said one of the players offered after the game to take a look at his lip, discovering after he was the doctor, Chester Griffiths from the Los Angeles Kings team. Right there in the dressing room, 4-5 stitches later, Chace’s lip was mended and the guys had a chance to see Chester’s Stanley cup ring.

“It was a blast. A good group of guys to travel with and I’m very happy I decided to participate. I bought my ticket two days before take-off and did not regret it.

We weren’t doing so well at the beginning of the tournament but us 9 guys and the help of our coach screaming at us, we turned it around to win the gold. We made every night something to remember. Lots of laughs and many memories, all in all a great trip!” said Marc Johnson.

“It was a great time, lots of fun had by all! We probably couldn’t have done it without my fiancé (Tracy Oko) coaching us on the bench! She never let up and had faith in us the whole time! If someone was slowing down she would be on our heels! All in all great fun and can’t wait for the next one,” said Tyler Plamondon.

Congratulations on bringing home the GOLD!

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    That is such great news. Well done guys.

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