Why does the site look wonky? Why won’t the site load? Why won’t the sections, pages, images open?

If you encounter any of these problems there are four possible reasons:

1. The site host is down or experiencing server problems.

  • These episodes are unfortunately out of our, and your, control.  Websites rely on ‘hosting companies’ to store, monitor and relay their data. If something goes wrong there – neither your computer, nor ours, can fix it.
  • Usually, these episodes are brief and the site will recover – in time.

2. Fox in Focus error

  • One of us, at Fox in FOCUS, hit the wrong key. We put a [<‘ where there should have been a */>}.
  • These kind of errors are fixable. How long it takes depends on whether we know where the errant code stroke is, or if we have to hunt it down.
  • Estimated time of repair in these circumstances is directly proportional to our panic state,  and the hour of the morning.

3. Your computer settings may affect how the site is viewed.

4. Your internet service provider (Telus, Persona, Rogers, etc.) is experiencing technical problems.

This is another case of  waiting until your provider resolves their issue.статейное продвижение

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