Weather Display.
This particular resource, for weather reports, does not recognize Fox Creek nor our postal code. The closest and most accurate feed we can access is Whitecourt.

We’ve tracked and compared the Whitecourt results and discovered remarkable accuracy, even for our town.

There are other web feed sources available that do include Fox Creek, however, they don’t have the functionality, reliability, 5 day forecast, change locations option, nor the attractive appearance that this source provides.

In addition, many web based weather widgets are full of advertising and require the user to click on links, which leave the Fox in Focus site, to get more information or to change locations.

Business Directory Carousal and Reader Announcements

The site works best in Firefox and Safari.

Explorer users will experience a delay in the Business card directory when the reader announcement changes views. It is short-term but persistent.

We may resolve the coding conflict, in time, or Explorer may update itself to allow the same interactions as other browsers.

In the meantime, Explorer users may continue to experience the ‘pauses.’ We apologize for the inconvenience.

Image archive

The image archives are managed by date.  Posts and articles that do not have images, leave gaping holes in the archive.  Another technical glitch on our list of things to learn how to fix.дайвинг в хургаде отзывы

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