Readers who desire larger text can adjust it from either the keyboard or the browser menu. (think of it as virtual bifocals)


Hold down the control (ctrl) key (left, close to the space bar) and click the + key (upper right, next to the backspace key) click, again and again, until the text becomes a comfortable size.

To reset to original use the control key and repeatedly click the – key (next to the + key).

All, but the following elements, are adjustable:
The flash elements – these are the business card display, the news feeds and the weather widget.

Browser text control:
Use the menu along the top of your browser window.

To enlarge: Go to, and click on View –> zoom in
To reduce: Go to, and click on View –> zoom out
To reset to original: Go to and click on View –> reset
english to italy language translation

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