Hey, how come some comments have images next to their posts?

The post images are made possible through a program available at gravatar.com

Here is a brief outline about what to expect if you chose to enroll:

  • Use the link to access the site.
  • There is an optional introduction video available.
  • Click the  ‘Get your Gravatar Today’ button.
  • Register using a legitimate email address. Your usual address or an alternate used specifically for this purpose.
  • The program will send a confirmation email to you immediately. (so, make sure you have access to that email account)
  • When received, confirm your intention and you will be redirected to the site.
  • The site will then guide you to uploading an image, a photo, your logo, whatever you choose from your computer. Use the browse button to find your preferred image. Then click upload.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to edit the image and save it.
  • Additional profile information is optional, for privacy reasons, do not share anything with gravatar that you aren’t comfortable with.
  • The image is now associated with your email address.
  • You can always go back to gravatar.com to change, switch or add images.

Now, when you comment on Fox in Focus, or any other gravatar supported news site – using the email address you’ve registered – your chosen image will automatically appear.

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