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Getting to know the site features

How to add an image to your comments

Hey, how come some comments have images next to their posts?

The post images are made possible through a program available at

Here is a brief outline about what to expect if you chose to enroll:

  • Use the link to access the site.
  • There is an optional introduction video available.
  • Click the  ‘Get your Gravatar Today’ button.
  • Register using a legitimate email address. Your usual address or an alternate used specifically for this purpose.
  • The program will send a confirmation email to you immediately. (so, make sure you have access to that email account)
  • When received, confirm your intention and you will be redirected to the site.
  • The site will then guide you to uploading an image, a photo, your logo, whatever you choose from your computer. Use the browse button to find your preferred image. Then click upload.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to edit the image and save it.
  • Additional profile information is optional, for privacy reasons, do not share anything with gravatar that you aren’t comfortable with.
  • The image is now associated with your email address.
  • You can always go back to to change, switch or add images.

Now, when you comment on Fox in Focus, or any other gravatar supported news site – using the email address you’ve registered – your chosen image will automatically appear.

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What is Breakfast in Focus?

Breakfast in FOCUS is an automatically generated notice to your email address.

Once subscribed, you will receive a morning email notification if we’ve published new entries.

Please follow the verification advice. You will receive a confirmation email and your response is required to activate your subscription.

If you miss,  loose or are unable to confirm the verification email – please contact us and we’ll assist.

You can unsubscribe to Breakfast in FOCUS at anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.анализ сайта онлайн google


Is there something you want us to cover?

Fox in Focus accepts tips, leads and suggestions.

Brandi – (780) 622-7000

Contact us by using the contact tab and form (on the left of every web page), phone, or approach us in the grocery aisle.как привлечь клиентов на сайт


I’m old and the text is too small

Readers who desire larger text can adjust it from either the keyboard or the browser menu. (think of it as virtual bifocals)


Hold down the control (ctrl) key (left, close to the space bar) and click the + key (upper right, next to the backspace key) click, again and again, until the text becomes a comfortable size.

To reset to original use the control key and repeatedly click the – key (next to the + key).

All, but the following elements, are adjustable:
The flash elements – these are the business card display, the news feeds and the weather widget.

Browser text control:
Use the menu along the top of your browser window.

To enlarge: Go to, and click on View –> zoom in
To reduce: Go to, and click on View –> zoom out
To reset to original: Go to and click on View –> reset
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Why does my email address appear on the site?

We do not publish subscriber or reader email addresses.

Readers,  who have commented or left replies to stories,  may see the reply form automatically filled in by their computers depending on the settings.

We assure you, your name and address are not visible to anyone but you – on your computer.

Email addresses do sometimes appear in ads if the customer includes them and are required for classified submissions.купить проектор для домашнего кинотеатра



Advertising opportunities

The truth about community news advertising

The stark reality is – Fox in Focus depends on advertising dollars.   It can not exist without income; it will not evolve, mature or grow without support.

Fox in FOCUS provides a variety of  promotion opportunities for business and not-for profits alike.

See details on the advertising page. Choose the coverage that best meets your needs and contact us to make it happen.каркасный дом изоляция стен


Why advertise?

Advertising benefits you, your business or agency, your customers or potential customers, the community and Fox in FOCUS news.

The benefits for you, your business or agency.

  • Places you, your product, message and service in the public eye. Online advertising also extends beyond the geographical limits of our community, potentially expanding your client base.
  • Community advertisers are recognized as community leaders. Recognizable branding builds reputation and familiarity.
  • Provides customers and potential customers a starting point to engage your services.
  • Customer appreciation for supporting, and making possible, community news.

The benefits for your customers and your community.

  • Ease of access.  Your customers or potential customers will find your contact information and web site links easily.
  • Timely notification about specials, promotions, events.
  • Your customers are better informed about your business and your community.

The benefits for Fox in Focus

Frankly, we stay in business.  Our business is no different than any other, it must earn income to survive.

It’s a tricky balance to meet the needs of our advertisers, our readers and our business.продвижение сайта



The Fox in Focus site doesn't display properly

Troubleshooting site display problems.

Why does the site look wonky? Why won’t the site load? Why won’t the sections, pages, images open?

If you encounter any of these problems there are four possible reasons:

1. The site host is down or experiencing server problems.

  • These episodes are unfortunately out of our, and your, control.  Websites rely on ‘hosting companies’ to store, monitor and relay their data. If something goes wrong there – neither your computer, nor ours, can fix it.
  • Usually, these episodes are brief and the site will recover – in time.

2. Fox in Focus error

  • One of us, at Fox in FOCUS, hit the wrong key. We put a [<‘ where there should have been a */>}.
  • These kind of errors are fixable. How long it takes depends on whether we know where the errant code stroke is, or if we have to hunt it down.
  • Estimated time of repair in these circumstances is directly proportional to our panic state,  and the hour of the morning.

3. Your computer settings may affect how the site is viewed.

4. Your internet service provider (Telus, Persona, Rogers, etc.) is experiencing technical problems.

This is another case of  waiting until your provider resolves their issue.статейное продвижение


Known issues and conflicts

Weather Display.
This particular resource, for weather reports, does not recognize Fox Creek nor our postal code. The closest and most accurate feed we can access is Whitecourt.

We’ve tracked and compared the Whitecourt results and discovered remarkable accuracy, even for our town.

There are other web feed sources available that do include Fox Creek, however, they don’t have the functionality, reliability, 5 day forecast, change locations option, nor the attractive appearance that this source provides.

In addition, many web based weather widgets are full of advertising and require the user to click on links, which leave the Fox in Focus site, to get more information or to change locations.

Business Directory Carousal and Reader Announcements

The site works best in Firefox and Safari.

Explorer users will experience a delay in the Business card directory when the reader announcement changes views. It is short-term but persistent.

We may resolve the coding conflict, in time, or Explorer may update itself to allow the same interactions as other browsers.

In the meantime, Explorer users may continue to experience the ‘pauses.’ We apologize for the inconvenience.

Image archive

The image archives are managed by date.  Posts and articles that do not have images, leave gaping holes in the archive.  Another technical glitch on our list of things to learn how to fix.дайвинг в хургаде отзывы



You'd like to write a column!

Are you a prospective columnist?

You have an idea. You are a community member with a passion, hobby, field of expertise, talent,  message or business to promote.

Fox in Focus will provide a special spot in the paper, the tools and the access to an audience.  We will train you to use the software, assist you with editing and presentation and we’ll coach, or coax,  you to hit the publish button.

Contact us by phone or email. Let us help you get started.построить дом пенза



Is there a print version of the paper?

In Focus is an online community news-site

Fox in Focus is an online community news-site.

Although we have not ruled out publishing a traditional paper, in the future, our debut priority is deliver comprehensive, relevant Fox Creek news to the community quickly and accurately.

We acknowledge our community members who prefer printed news and we empathize with those less familiar with computers.

Fox in Focus will assist you with the transition.

As long as you have access to a computer, we will, upon request, offer one to one assistance setting up Fox in Focus online for you. We’ll provide a general web surfing tutorial. You’ll be comfortable with online news in no time.les lavements commander dans sex shop en ligne


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