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Town Council - May 12

Town Council – May 12

Bylaw 736-2014: Business License

Bylaw 736-2014 was brought forward to make changes to the home occupation business licenses to encourage home businesses to register. Limited businesses will be staying at $125, while a proprietorship business (e.g. Scentsy, Tupperware, etc.) will … Read the rest

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Town Council - Feb. 10th

Town Council – Feb. 10th

RCMP Delegation

Sergeant Jeff McBeth stated during the Feb. 10 town council meeting that the RCMP is looking into investigational methods to deal with the high numbers of assaults and theft of motor vehicles.
In the month of January, the … Read the rest

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Town Council - January

Town Council – January

Plan Area E, 112 acres, deemed industrial, was purchased by the Town of  Fox Creek at the Jan. 27th town council meeting.

January 27th –  Town Council meeting highlights

Land Purchase

“We bought land!” said Mayor Jim Ahn.

Councillor Christopher … Read the rest

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Officers Report to Council

Officers Report to Council

Sergeant Jeff McBeth, Fire Chief Les Paul and Bylaw Peace Officer Daniel Cress reports from the Jan.14 town council meeting.

Fox Creek’s RCMP Sergeant Jeff McBeth informed council on statistics compare from 2012 to 2011.                                                      

                                                      2012                                         2011

  1. Assaults                             77                                            67
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Town Council Summary - May

Town Council Summary – May

  • Lobsterfest is becoming an annual event. Minor Hockey board is hosting the second fundraiser on Aug. 25. file photo.
  • The Town is helping the Chamber of Commerce July 1st fireworks display by a $5000 contribution from Grants to Groups.
  • Council
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Town Council Summary - March

Town Council Summary – March

Coffee with Council

Council chambers was the hub to discuss a number of questions and answers in the presence of Mayor Leora MacKinnon, Chief Administrative Officer Ken Gwozdz and Town Councillors: Sheila Beloin, Brenda Burridge, Jim Ahn and Mary Campbell.  … Read the rest

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Town Council Summary - Feb. 6

Town Council Summary – Feb. 6

Chief Administrative Officer Ken Gwozdz read aloud a letter, submitted by the curling club executive requesting to participate in discussions about the proposed new swimming pool and ice rink. In response, Mayor Leora MacKinnon suggested a club member join the … Read the rest

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Town Council Summary - Jan. 16

Town Council Summary – Jan. 16

  • The Town of Fox Creek is looking forward and planning for the future.
  • Council approved a 20 Year Infrastrucuture Capital Plan.
  • The Infrastructure Capital Plan priority list is numbered from one to 12, including projected dates and costs.
  • Mayor and
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Town Council Summary - Dec. 5

Town Council Summary – Dec. 5

  • Community Enhancement Funding - Reeve and Council from the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 and the Town of Fox Creek Mayor and Councillors, Nov. 28.
  • Back Row: L - Councillor Tom Gisalson, Mary Campbell, Jim Ahn and Bernie Hornby.
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Town Council Summary - Sept. 26

Town Council Summary – Sept. 26

  • New Town Councillor Tom Gislason, official sworn ceremony, Sept. 26 by Mayor Leora MacKinnon.
  • A full table, Councillor Gislason joins Mary Campbell, Sheila Beloin, Jim Ahn, Brenda Burridge and Bernie Hornby.
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New Read the rest

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