Graduated to Grade One

| January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

So today marks another day in history of change for me over the years… as I publicly announced my online community newspaper, Fox in Focus, is closing effective March 15, 2017.  

That date marks six years in business.

In Focus was my business name and it was like my baby, created in 2011, but obviously not alone.

Barb Ryan was the creator & initial designer of the website. There have been many dedicated advertisers, contributors and supporters that made the business profitable over the years. Kayla Zerb has been an outstanding website & graphic designer with me for the past few years. I will be forever grateful for that chapter in my life.

If it was not for the advertisers that took a leap of faith and believed in my staff and I, it would not have been operable from the start. 

One of the hardest decisions is closing it, and done with regret and a heavy heart, but since we moved to Spruce Grove in August 2016, I have tried to sell it and received no serious interest.

Therefore, I need to face the facts that I can no longer keep it going. I’m sad to see it close, but remain optimistic for what will come next in my career and life.

I can only relate my feelings to adjusting to a stage of growth and development, like raising a child and letting them go to college, or their first day in grade one or kindergarten. I have to let it go.

I will miss it.

As I believe the community of Fox Creek will too.

I will look back at the photos and stories.

I will reminisce on the good times and even the bad ones; they shaped character and created life lessons.

I will cherish the many people I had the privilege of interviewing, meeting and photographing over the years and especially my contributors for their submissions and news tips.

I will also be keeping all the stories and photos, so if at anytime you would like a photo or get a reminder of a past story, you need more information about, I will still have it. My email and phone number will also remain the same for some time.

Thank You again; whether you clicked like, read an article, placed an ad, recommended my website or photography service, you were appreciated.

– Brandi




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Brandi loves meeting people and sharing their stories. A country girl at heart, she appreciates the simple things in a complex world.

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  1. Rose Hearn says:

    I will miss your news from Fox Creek. I can imagine that there are people all over the world with a connection to Fox Creek that follow your every post, as I do. It is wonderful to see that volunteerism, community, sports, and personalities of Fox Creek are vibrant, through your medium. You have a talent of personally reflecting and portraying the best of the community. May your future endeavours bring you happiness.
    And please someone pick up this resource, it’s a voice for Fox Creek to the world!

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