MD of Greenview Council Highlights

| August 25, 2016

MD of Greenview currentCouncil Highlights | Municipal District of Greenview

Council Highlights

August 23, 2016

Council Meeting Highlights 2016.08.23

STARS Delegation

Glenda Farnden and Greg Schmidt from STARS provided their organization’s annual update to Council. This year STARS is celebrating its tenth anniversary of operating in northern Alberta. The STARS team provides advanced care with a defibrillator, ECG, ventilator, advanced medication, central line IVs, temporary pacemaker and lab work available during their flights. Recent innovations include carrying universal blood products on board for all flights and a video laryngoscope to assist with intubation.

They have also added a baby pod and portable ultrasound to support infants and prenatal care. Grande Cache and Valleyview are the two communities within Greenview with the highest number of STARS flights. In addition to providing funding support for the construction of helipads in Valleyview and Grande Cache, Greenview provided $200,000 in funding to STARS in 2016 and $150,000 annually from 2010 to 2015.

Remote site registration services are also available through STARS Emergency Link Centre. This emergency preparedness tool assists STARS in responding to incidents on remote sites such as industrial leases by providing detailed site identification information before an emergency happens.

The registration service also helps identify resources that are available in the area who can provide immediate medical support until first responders are able to arrive on scene. Further information on how to register for this service is available at

STARS is hosting their annual general meeting and open house celebrating 10 years in northern Alberta on September 26, 2016. The AGM is at 1:30 p.m. at the Grande Prairie Base and the open house begins at 2:00 p.m. to RSVP call 780-830-7000.

Keyera Delegation

Keyera provided a presentation to Council regarding the Keyera Main Wapiti CPF and Gold Creek Compressor Station projects. A road use agreement with the M.D. of Greenview is required for the project. Construction for the facilities will begin in 2017 and will take between 18 to 22 months. At peak construction there will be 800 people working on the site. A work camp for 600 individuals is proposed near the work site at 03-19-67-07 W6M. Once the Keyera plant is fully operational there will be four to eight operations personnel on site on an ongoing basis. Public consultations regarding the project are underway.

Town of Fox Creek

John Greathead, Director of Operations for the Town of Fox Creek, provided a presentation to Council regarding the permit process for the Town of Fox Creek’s water treatment facility. Greenview Council directed Administration to waive the fee for commencing development prior to obtaining a valid development permit on application D-16-173.


A public hearing was held for Bylaw 16-767 regarding the Big Mountain Industrial Park Area Structure Plan. The bylaw will redesignate 49.67 hectares in the Grovedale area on the east side of Highway 40 from Agricultural (A) District to Industrial (I) District. A new intersection at Highway 40 and Township Road 690 will be constructed. The proposed use for the land is light industrial with 19 lots subdivided for shops and businesses.

Several landowners spoke against the proposed industrial site redesignation citing concerns about increased industrial activity in the area. Traffic safety, noise, potential impact to existing water wells and decreased quality of life were the main concerns raised. If the bylaws are approved, specific steps can be taken during the subdivision stage to address the concerns; one suggestion was providing a berm to address the noise and other issues.

Bylaw 16-767 passed second reading and has been tabled until concerns regarding noise mitigation, internal roads, water sourcing, and emergency routing are addressed. Bylaw 16-763 was also tabled until concerns in Bylaw 16-767 are addressed.

Bylaw 16-769 passed first reading and a public hearing will be held on September 13, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. regarding the redesignation of land from Agriculture (A) District to Country Residential One (CR-1) District within NE 20 72 1 W6.

Greenview Assessment Report

Council accepted the Greenview Building Assessment Report for information and directed Administration to schedule a meeting to discuss the report in further detail.

MGA Proposed Amendment

Council chose to not support a proposed amendment to the Municipal Government Act that would omit industrial landfills from the definition of a public utility. The ability to omit industrial landfills falls under the authority of individual municipalities, and Greenview recommends that this remain as is.

Development Permit Application D16-216

The permit was approved by Council. The applicants will construct a 24 foot by 30 foot detached garage within NE 19 70 23 W5.

Surplus Equipment

A Schulte XH 1500 rotary cutter will be sold as surplus equipment at the October 5 Ritchie Brothers auction in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

A 2011 GMC Sierra Hybrid truck from surplus equipment will be transferred to the Town of Fox Creek.

The surplus barbeque from Agricultural Services rental fleet will be transferred to the Grovedale Community Club and Agricultural Society for use in the Grovedale area.

Elk Depredation Assistance Program

Administration will provide logistical support to the Alberta Conservation Association for the Elk Depredation Assistance program.  

Wolf Harvest Incentive Program

Greenview will provide additional funding to a maximum of $15,000 for the Wolf Harvest Incentive Program to continue until December 31, 2016 with funds to come from the 2016 Contingency Budget.

North American Invasive Species Management Association Annual Conference & General Meeting

Quentin Bochar, Agriculture Services Manager, will attend the Annual General Meeting and conference for the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) in Salt Lake City, Utah from September 26 to 29, 2016.

Partnership Agreement Memorandum of Understanding with Grande Cache Coal

Greenview Council has accepted the Draft Partnership Agreement Memorandum of Understanding with Grande Cache Coal for the Grande Cache Dinosaur Track project. Administration will proceed with finalizing the Memorandum of Understanding.

Grande Cache Dinosaur Tracks Board of Directors Appointment

Tara Zeller has been appointed to the Grande Cache Dinosaur Tracks Board of Directors.

Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum 2016 Amber Ball

Greenview will provide $10,000 sponsorship to the 2016 Currie Museum Amber Ball on September 9, 2016 in Grande Prairie.

Grande Cache Library Funding Request

Greenview will provide $30,000 to the Grande Cache Municipal Library to purchase new shelving units. Greenview has an operating agreement in place with the Town of Grande Cache, providing 50 per cent of the library’s operational funding.

Grande Spirit Foundation Annual Fundraiser

The Grande Spirit Foundation will receive $550 sponsorship for their Annual Harvest Dine and Dance on October 22, 2106. Greenview will also provide a donation to their silent auction.

Sunset House Cemetery Appointment

Susan Sperling has been appointed to the Sunset House Cemetery Committee.

Sexsmith Railroad 100th Anniversary

Greenview will provide $5,000 to the Railroad 100th Anniversary celebration which takes place in Sexsmith on October 16, 2016.

Events and Meetings

  • Regular Council Meeting: September 13 and 27, 2016.
  • Committee of the Whole: September 20, 2016.
  • Municipal Planning Commission: September 14, 2016.
  • Green View FCSS: September 21, 2016.
  • Agricultural Services Board (ASB): September 28, 2016.


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