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| July 20, 2016

no._Why kidsRaising children is a full-time, life-time endeavor that often makes parents question their own upbringing and influences the way they raise their children based on their experiences.

Add in other influences such as the other parent, grandparents, other family members, peers, and other adults with different upbringings of their own and one can’t help but feel lost in the world of parenting.

The Early Intervention Program(EI) at the Community Resource Centre(CRC) has some resources that they would like to share with the community to help parents and caregivers understand and manage these trying times.

Each month we will showcase two books from our Lending Library that can be borrowed. Some of the resources are geared for particular age groups while others just have general information for all ages.

For information or to borrow one of these resources please call Kerrianne at the CRC at 780-622-3758.


No: Why Did Kids-Of All Ages- Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say it by David Walsh

Psychologist Walsh (Why Do They Act That Way?), president and founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family, tackles a tough subject in this book on how parents can say “no” to their kids and why they should. Walsh argues that we are raising our children in a “Yes” culture that gives kids the message that they can and should have whatever they want whenever they want it. But scientific research, the author contends, reveals that children’s brains are primed to learn the concept of “no” early on; in fact, Walsh points out, instant gratification is not the path to resiliency or success.

On the contrary, our “yes” culture leads to disappointment and failure when kids later learn that they can’t always have their way. Walsh’s approach fosters such qualities as perseverance, patience and commitment, emphasizing a balanced parenting style that is neither predominantly negative nor permissive. In age-by-age chapters, he chronicles the developmentally appropriate use of the word, revealing how it helps children grow into self-disciplined, well-adjusted adults. Peppered with anecdotes of other parents’ struggles as well as examples from raising his own three kids, Walsh’s reassuring voice will give parents the courage to just say “No”—and mean it.



Launching Your Teen Into Adulthood: Parenting Through Transition                   by Patricia Hoolihan

Using this thoughtful guide, parents can help older teens confidently navigate the issues and developmental transitions that will inevitably arise as they prepare to leave home.

This road map for mentoring and advising young people to make good choices from a positive, strength-based perspective covers topics such as:

  • Helping teens find a good fit for school and work
  • Dealing with money
  • Living independently
  • Setting goals
  • Caring for personal needs
  • Dealing with emotional challenges
  • Handling changing relationships
  • Developing a future-focused orientation Each chapter also includes checklists, interviews, and resource sheets for parents and teens to help prepare for and succeed with this important life transition.


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