Fox Creek School Awards, 2015/2016

| July 5, 2016

Fox Creek School Elementary Awards, presented on the last of classes for the 2015/2016 school year, June 28th. 

merv z

Merv Zadderey Memorial Awards, recipients with Merv’s grandson Kenneth Zadderey.

Merv Zadderey Award

Grades 1-3

Grade 1 – Rhys Hanlon & Xander Bignell

Grade 2 – Reid Gomuwka & Cheyenne Straub

Grade 3 – Nathailie Parsons & Brock Hudson


sophia lee

Sophia Lee Memorial Awards

Sophia Lee Award

Grade 4 – Claire Rector

Grade 4 – Kodee Shepherd

Grade 5 – Jacob Scobey

Grade 5 – Alyssa Villanueva

Grade 6 – Tyrel Shepherd



Top Academic Honour Awards

Top Academic Honors

Gr. 4 – Taryn Matheson

Gr. 4 – Evan Spiess & Kodee Shepherd

Gr.5 – Chey Caouette & Tyrus Hanlon

Gr. 6 – Raylin Tyson



Citizenship Awards

Citizenship Award

Gr. 4 – Ava Maclean

Gr.4 – Emily Chwok

Gr. 5 – Cohen Slocum

Gr. 5 – Andrea Sikkes

Gr. 6 – Kean Kelly



Most Improved Student Awards

Most Improved Student

Gr. 4 – Jade Scobey

Gr. 4 – Katelyn Straub

Gr. 5 – Taylor MacPhee-Ay

Gr. 5 – Aryana Bartlett

Gr. 6 – Spencer Rycroft

Academic Honours

Gr. 4 – Ava Mclean, Jason McGowan, Rosemary Thompson

Gr. 4 – William Roddick, Owen DeCiccio, Claire Rector

Gr. 5 – Tanner Chalifoux, Alexis Ashmore, Aryana Bartlett, Jesse

Schueler, Alyssa Villanueva, Jonathan Roddick

Gr.5 – Regan MacLean, Brooklynn Miskelly, Cohen Slocum

Gr. 6 – Zoe Marinus, Tyrel Shepherd, Emma Oakey, Matthew Duff


Grade 6 Academic Honours Photo submitted by Cory Marinus


Grade 5 Academic Honours


Grade 4 Academic Honours

Track and Field Awards were also awarded for the Most Athletic, Awesome Kid Award, Sunshine award, Never Give Up Award and Sportsmanship

Track and Field Awards

track and field4

Track and Field Sunshine Awards

track and field 1

Track and Field Athletic Awards

track and field 2

Track and Field Never Give Up Awards

track and field 3

Track and Field Awesome Kid Awards

track and field 5

Track and Field Most Sportsmanlike Awards. All photos by Brandi Camilleri unless otherwise noted.



Student Choice Awards – Jnr. & Snr. High


Class Clowns/Student Choice Awards

Class clowns – Dominic Chaychuk, Murray Osborne, Jackson White, Owen Smith, Caylynn Demings, Jared Upshaw


Cutie Pie Award

Cutie Pie – Blais Martineau

Walking Dictionary – Teri Kennedy-Flynn

Glamour Girl – Hailey Hodges

Silent but Deadly – Alter Evangelista

Procrastinator – Mitchell Bouvier


Glamour Girl & President of the Student Union, Devon Baranowksi


Future Prime Minister


Queen of Hearts


Mr. Universe


Workaholic Award


Dressed to Kill Award


Accident Prone Award


Lasting Legacy Award


Walking Dictionary Award


Ray of Sunshine Award


Joe Dirt Award


Sleeping Beauty Award


Smooth Talker Award


Sweetheart Award


Big Friendly Giant Award


Ms. Universe Award


Bruce Almighty Award


Teacher, Abacus Award


Teacher, Energizer Bunny Award

Queen of Hearts – Brianna Larsen

Prince Charming – Taylor Stone

Workaholic – Jesse Bedson

Big Friendly Giant – Matthew Lalonde

Mr. Universe – Cody Larsen

Ms. Universe – Taryn Upshaw

Bottomless Pit – Chelsea Zwarich

Google with Legs – Anthony Johner-Piscia

Future Billionaire – Aaron Mostowich

Sleeping Beauty – Patrick Labrash

Joe Dirt – Kassy Mott

Sweetheart award – Raquel Osborne

Smooth Talker – Thomas Marinus

Bruce Almighty – Kelsey Richards

Ray of Sunshine – Tyson Taylor

Future Prime Minister – Brittany Christie

Lasting Legacy – Logan Hrycun

Goofy Goober – Darrell Villanueva

Dressed to Kill – Quintin Scott

007 – Sammie Hood

Accident Prone – Dirk Young

FCS Student of the Year – Codi Peavoy

Teacher Awards

Energizer Bunny – Steven Dinel

Abacus – Kevin Thesen

Mrs. Clean – Madame Hooey Schmidt


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