Dedicated Leaders celebrate 100 years of Registered Nurses

| June 20, 2016

Celebrating 100 years of Registered Nurses, the traveling display was in Fox Creek on June 14th. L-R: Tanya Montgomery Support Service Worker; Rene Sawatsky, Public Health Nurse; Marian Gervais, RN; Tracey Hagen, Admin Support, Tracy Brown, Site Manager; Donna Record, RN, Barb McMillan, Home Care RN; Michelle Williscroft Lab&DI Supervisor; Leanna Iddings, CLXT; Tricia Mott, Site Secretary; Ryan Ahn, Medical Lab Assistant; Kneeling Sandra MacKenzie, LPN; Brittney Patterson, Health Information Clerk; Brad Peavoy, Maintenance

Alberta Centennial nursing display tour stops in Fox Creek 

June 14, 2016 (Fox Creek) – A lot has changed since the 1920s, when nursing districts were up 325 square miles and a community could apply for a nurse if there was no other medical service within 100 miles.

“There have been a lot of changes in 100 years, but what hasn’t changed is the passion and dedication of registered nurses,” said Kelly Kuz, Director of Clinical Operations from Valleyview at the Fox Creek tour stop.

To celebrate 100 years of nursing in Alberta, the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) is looking back at the past century of the profession with a travelling historical display that visited the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre on June 14, 2016.  

“This is a story of 100 years of dedication, innovation, and leadership by the province’s registered nurses,” says CARNA President Dr. Shannon Spenceley. “Registered nurses have always played an important role in the lives of Albertans. The history of the nursing profession and the growth of this province are closely linked as nurses and nursing practices have adapted to meet the needs of Albertans.” 

The display includes nursing artifacts, photos, and an interactive digital media centre that takes you from the era of district nursing to nursing today.  

“Today’s registered nurses are expert care-givers who use resources in flexible and innovative ways to meet specific needs,” says CARNA CEO Mary-Anne Robinson.  “We are leaders in clinical care, research, education, policy development and administration.”  

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Jeannie Hare, Northeast Region Provincial Councilor for the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) welcomed staff and guests at the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre on June 14th.

She said, “We are the largest group of health professions in Alberta – 37, 747. We are leaders who are dedicated to improving the health of Alberta communities like yours.

Nursing history is closely tied to Alberta’s history, exemplifying the strength and resistance of nursing professionals in the province throughout the past century,

In the 1920’s, a community could apply for a nurse if it was isolated with no other medical service within 100 miles. Burses ventured out to meet the desperate need for health services in the north of the province.

Often the only health care-providers around, nurses did everything from delivering babies to treating injuries, to immunizing.

Nursing districts were up to 325 square miles, almost as big as the size of Calgary today and so remote that there were only rough tracks to travel.  Nurses braved isolation and cold winters, some commuting to and from patients by horse or sled.

Nurses like these personify the commitment and resolve of nurses over the years. Stories like these are part of the hospital display, which is traveling throughout Alberta this summer. The display will take you through the years as nurses tell their stories though photos, video, audio and written accounts.

The past century has been 100 years of accelerating change. Today registered nurses and nurse practitioners work with the public in roles such as disease prevention, education, mental health, research, policy development and management. We are health care leaders and we strengthen our health care system.”


Town of Fox Creek Mayor Jim Ahn extended his appreciation to the registered nursing staff and all hospital staff.

“On behalf of the Town of Fox Creek, I would like to say thank you for your dedication and caring, we know you put in long hours, day and night and I don’t know how our community would function without you.” – Mayor Ahn.


Dedicated Registered Nursing Staff at the Fox Creek HealthCare Centre and years of services are:

Rene Sawatsky – graduated in 1971 – 41 years of nursing; years with AHS 6 years

Barb McMillan – graduated in 1971 – 41 years of nursing

Marion Gervais – graduated in 1984 – 32 years in Fox Creek

Tracy Brown  – graduated in 1987 – 29 years of nursing

Donna Record – graduated in 1985 – 31 years of nursing

Carrie Howe – July 1980 graduated  36 years of nursing

Danielle Tetrault – May 2011 graduated – 5 years of nursing

Jasmine Badger – Graduated April 2012 – 4 years of nursing


We salute you and THANK YOU for your dedication and compassion!


For more information: Twitter: @AlbertaRNs | Hashtag: #CARNA100 | Web:,


Jeannie Hare, Northeast Region Provincial Councilor for the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) at the Fox Creek Healthcare Centre on June 14th.


Jeannie Hare, with some of the dedicated staff at the Fox Creek Hospital; Rene Sawatsky, Marian Gervais, Tracy Brown, Barb McMillan, Donna Record. all photos by Brandi Camilleri unless otherwise stated.

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