Sprinkler System Practice

| June 8, 2016
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The Fox Creek Fire Department practiced setting up and using a special designed Sprinkler System, by Albert Roach.

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Protecting your Property from Wildfires with Sprinklers. The trailer has it all.

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The school grounds were used for a fire practice evening by the 30 volunteer member Fox Creek Fire Department.

You may have noticed the school grounds being used for a fire practice evening by the 30 volunteer member Fox Creek Fire Department.

The men and women were setting up and practiced using a new sprinkler system, in the event of a wildfire in our community.

The FCFD continues to actively train and was given the chance use the unique sprinkler system, all completely portable in an enclosed trailer, designed by Albert Roach.

Albert Roach is the owner of A.S Roach Fire Services Ltd. His design offers a wide range of services to the Fire Fighting industry.

The trailer is stored at the M.D of Greenview #16 office in Valleyview and is available to the FCFD in short notice if needed.

FCFD Deputy Fire Chief, Brian Davidson explained some of what can be done with the trailer: “is multiple water points with the 2 -2500 gallon drop tanks and with four pumps we can run a closed loop of approximately 1 km of sprinkler hose to create a wet line and to also branch off and run sprinklers to the roof tops and wet down around the structures.”

You may have also noticed that during the Iosegun Lake wildfire, the FCFD was doing structural risk assessments for potential sprinkler protection.

FCFD Fire Chief, Les Paul explained this was to try to reduce hazards in a wildfire event. To help, you can remove combustible materials from around your house such as wood, propane tanks, gas cans etc.

The trailer includes an Elevated Sprinkler Mount (ESM) on an OTR (On The Roof). In conditions where a free-standing ESM on top of a 16′ 2×4 or pole is not tall enough, or ground spikes cannot easily be used, the OTR does the job. The OTR has been tested with excessive pressures & heavy hose loads.

The OTR is a free standing unit; no nails are required and folds up for easy storage. The ESM with the OTR mount can provide total roof coverage on most homes without setting foot on the roof. Source: http://asroachfire.com/.

Protecting your Property from Wildfires with Sprinklers


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The patented Elevated Sprinkler Mount wild fire sprinklers

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Setting up a portable free standing sprinkler system. Photos by Brandi Camilleri

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Fire practice, learning and having fun while doing it.

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Deputy Fire Chief Brian Davidson showing the other members the stocked trailer and it’s contents.

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L- Junior firefighter Owen Smith and firefighter recruit Danielle Tetrault.


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