Keeping the Community Safe, a new Medical First Response Program

| April 20, 2016

New to Fox Creek, A Medical First Response Program is Coming

ambulanceResidents can rest assured concerning ambulance services in the community, as two essential, trained volunteers in the community have stepped forward to start a Medical First Response (MFR) program in Fox Creek.

Fire Chief Les Paul and EMT, Wade Martineau presented Mayor and Council with information on operating the Alberta Health Services Medical First Response Program in Fox Creek at the March 29th meeting.

The Medical First Response Program (MFR) agencies such as fire departments and other community based volunteers contribute a valuable role in the care of patients before they arrive at a hospital.  There is no transportation of patients.

MFRs are key partners with Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Alberta that provide timely aid to patients and assist EMS when requested.

This past January, the duo first approached Mayor and Council to inform them of their plans following residents concerns.  Then they proceeded with bylaws and the process of registering the program in Fox Creek.

Fire Chief Les Paul explained there has always been a program in place, however bylaws needed to be changed and the level of training needs to be decided.

Fire Chief Les Paul

Fire Chief Les Paul

“We (the fire department) are already dispatched, for example to a call to assist. Now, we will be automatically linked and the process should speed up. It would mean we would go now, instead of waiting for a call to go later,” said Chief Paul.

Mayor Jim Ahn asked if the firefighter members were willing to be apart of this program.

“Yes, they are behind it 100%. In fact, most asked for higher level of training and if anything, we have to hold the reins back,” said Chief Paul.


“We can’t guarantee 100% coverage at all times, but this does improve coverage,” said Martineau.

“It is about the safety of the residents – doing the best we can give to our community,” added Chief Paul.  “The community expressed it has a need, it was brought forward by the residents, we are here to offer the support. It is medical help as soon as possible,” he added.

“This is what we need in our community to alleviate issues,” said Martineau, who is more then willing to be the liaison and willing to work together as a team with the fire department.

EMT, Wade Martineau

EMT, Wade Martineau

“At the end of the day, we all want someone to come to our door to help,” said Martineau.

Mayor Jim Ahn asked what he can do to help and if any extra equipment was needed.

“Not at this point, there could be in the future, depending on the level of service,” replied Martineau.

“I think this is fantastic! A much needed program in town, thank you and we really appreciate it,” said Mayor Ahn.


Please note * The completion of the program can take a few months time, watch for updates and announcements.

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  1. Roxanne Grumbach says:

    I can’t help but think that this is something that our MLA and Alberta Health Services should be addressing, and are we making it easier for them to be off the hook? I do however think that the volunteerism in Fox Creek is amazing and people always step up no matter how big or small and this seems like a monumental thing to implement in our community with volunteers.

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    • Brandi says:

      I agree. To be clear, this program is our FCFD working together with Alberta Health Services, Wade is the liaison – Medical First Response is new to Fox Creek but not a new program in general. By all means, the Town and others should not stop lobbying the government and AHS regarding medical services, etc.

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