Chevron Canada supports Fox Creek Fire Department

| April 7, 2016
FCFD Chevron

Lieutenant Shawn Watson, Fire Chief Les Paul and new firefighter Rachel MacGregor (R) met with Jennifer Weir and Gord Mounce from Chevron Canada on March 22 to accept a $10, 000 donation.

FCFD Chevron2

Giving back to the community, Thank You to Chevron Canada for the support.

The Fox Creek Fire Department has a new Blitzfire monitor and two new sets of bunker gear, thanks to a $10, 000 donation from Chevron Canada.

Fire Chief Les Paul, new firefighter recruit Rachel MacGregor and Fire Lieutenant Shawn Watson met with Jennifer Weir and Gord Mounce from Chevron Canada to accept the funds.

The group toured the fire hall and Jennifer and Gord tried on the heavy gear, steel toed boots and climbed behind the driver’s wheel for an insight on a firefighter’s experience.

The Blitzfire is a simple, light, and highly maneuverable attack monitor. It has a low elevation angle, which makes it suitable for use indoors. It can go anywhere a handline goes while delivering much more water. If the Blitzfire starts to slide or lift, the safety shut off valve automatically shuts off the flow of water. This patented safety feature reduces the risk of injury from an out-of-control appliance. The shut-off action slows near stroke end to reduce the effects of water hammer.

The new purchases help the fire department enhance their training skills and keep their volunteer members & community safe.


Chevron is committed to being a good community partner by improving the quality of life for residents in the communities where they live and operate across Canada. They make investments in communities to help expand economic development and improve social well-being.

Wherever they are, Chevron strives to be a good neighbor, sharing the concerns of our communities and working to create a better future. They align community programs with local community needs and government priorities and plans, and wherever possible, partner with local providers. 

Thank You Chevron for the donation to the Fire Department!

FCFD Chevron3

Firefighter Rachel MacGregor and Fire Lieutenant Shawn Watson and Gord Mounce/Chevron (centre) posed with the new Blitzfire monitor. Photos by Brandi Camilleri.

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