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| March 17, 2016

Letter to the Editor:taxi


Anonymously posted, name withheld as requested

In regards to the Letter to the Editor – What we were not Told, Taxi Bylaw.

Here’s a voice from a perspective that is of what one might think … An more engaging of the real issues that lay at stake.

You talk about how council hasn’t changed in the last 20 yrs and not giving a small business man like Roy’s taxi cab a fair share.

Well let’s talk the facts shall we!!

First of all. No one is putting Roy’s cab company outta business!! Let’s get that clear!!

This proposed bylaw was because of him himself… Objecting to A to B Cabs being granted a business license.

Mr. Herold objected A to B Cabs being granted a license. The town has no reason to reject that decision because of the fact there was no bylaw regulating the taxi industry in Fox Creek.

Wine, snivel and cry… You got what you wanted to regulate the industry.

Now, one is crying because they must comply to a standard that may be in place, because of the fact they themselves barked up a tree that they wanted cut down..I’m sorry but you can’t have your cake and decide that you want to eat one part and not the other.

Let’s talk facts.

Taxi bylaw… Criminal record check. Hmmmmm. Makes sense.

Do you want a convicted child abuser or rapist driving your cab??? When you send your child to school… Or the lady that had one too many drinks at the local bar getting into a cab at the end of the night??? Do you??

Because without a taxi bylaw… Anyone can drive and operate a cab that is a rapist or child molester .. If this is what you support … Then I question your moral judgements and thoughts. Town Council is trying to create a public safety issue and objecting this is really a slap in their faces as they are looking at it as and what is best for our residents as a whole.

Ask yourself this… Why would a reputable company oppose such a good thought out standard that most towns and all city’s have adopted??? Do they have something to hide?

If you knew that a rapist or child molester was in charge of picking up and dropping off you mother, wife, daughter, or grandchild…. Would you let them ride on their cab???

Would you give care and consent to that driver to take them to their destination ?? What about the drunk lady that had no idea of her state…Would you or would she ?? If you knew… Would you not contact the town or RCMP and say “Hey this driver of this cab that picked up my child/grandchild was a convicted child molester…. Why is he/she driving this cab!!???”

Makes sense!!? ‘Cause if it doesn’t … Then I question if you are hiding something about yourself and the person you are defending.

Read the MGA Municipal Government Act. A council can pass any bylaw they see fit in a matter of public safety.

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  1. Edward King says:

    Evidently, ANONYMOUS, did not read my letter to the editor very thoroughly. I said nothing against Criminal Background checks. What I stated is that I suggested to town council that ALL BUSINESS OWNERS in the public service sector should have Criminal Background checks if this law was to be implemented. There is always something about someone who hides behind the mask of anonymity that seems to make them feel empowered enough to take cheap shots at someone else’s character. But by all means feel free to run your Criminal Background check on me. I’m not the one hiding behind a mask.

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