Rebuilding the Future, Krafts Hockeyville 2015 Competition

| January 23, 2015


Selecting 10 communities from hundreds of incredible nominations wasn’t easy, but Kraft Hockeyville announced the Top 10 finalists for Kraft Hockeyville 2015 on March 15th.

Unfortunately Fox Creek, Alberta was not chosen in the Top 10 Finalists. In Alberta, Bonnyville and Morinville were chosen.

Thank you to those who nominated Fox Creek and we will try again next year!

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Fox Creek’s Derald Palmer Memorial Arena nominated for Krafts Hockeyville Competition

arenaHockey in Fox Creek started in 1966, with about 14 players. Boys ranged in age from 6-14 years old, braving the elements and practicing and playing on a small outdoor rink, that was maintained by their fathers. Games were played among themselves for several years, until Fox Creek’s population growth warranted better facilities.

Hockey took a giant leap forward with the opening of Fox Creek’s arena in the fall of 1973. (Source: Isoegun Reflections History book, page 196.)

Local parents, youths and folks who used to live here, have nominated Fox Creek’s Derald Palmer Memorial Arena for the Krafts Hockeyville competition.

“I nominated us because I love Fox Creek and think the rest of the country should be able to see what a great community we live in. It may not seem like we have lots to do here however, community member and businesses collaborate together to make this an active community and are working to make our town a better place.

The arena is a place I spend quite a bit of time and in the past year I have seen it be utilized by a large majority of the population. Upgrades are needed because we need the space. There are quite a few girls in our association and they need space of their own to get ready for the game. Our arena is functionable but needs improvements,” said Kerri Desautels.


As of January 23, there are 25 nominations for arenas in Alberta. Fox Creek is competing against other arenas from Consort, Bonnyville, Okotoks, Drumheller, Medicine Hat, Strathmore and many more.

Nominations must by submitted by February 8 at 11:59:59pm EST.

When voting starts, March 21 for the Top 10 and March 28 for the Top Two Finalists, you can click any of the “Vote Now” buttons you will see across the site for the Top 10 communities. From there you can select the finalist you’d like to vote for by clicking on their nomination. Then find the “Vote” button!

“I love Fox and love to see people work together to make it even better! Yeah to Kerri for putting it all together,” said Kim Norman.

The Winner will be announced on April 4th. The winner of Kraft Hockeyville will be announced during Hockey Night in Canada. Not only will they have the opportunity to host an NHL® Pre-Season Game but they will also win $100,000 in arena upgrades!



We are a country passionate about hockey. It brings us together as fans, friends, family and ultimately, as a community. Hockey has built so many of our communities, and those communities, in return, have helped to define hockey in Canada. The place where this all comes together is the local arena. Without repairs and upgrades, we risk losing not just a piece of our cultural identity but our community spirit too. (Source:


Nominated by Kerri Desautels

Our passion and spirit for hockey

The arena is the hub of the community in the winter. We have an association of 80 kids who play and three rec hockey teams, plus a newly formed figure skating and learn to skate club. Our hockey teams go out and try their hardest every time and the stands are quite full when we have a game.

How winning would impact us

We would like to build an upstairs to the lobby. Right now there are only four dressing rooms and with back to back games the girls have no choice but to stay in the change rooms with the boys to get dressed. By having an upstairs we would be able to build a couple more dressing rooms downstairs to solve this problem. Also, we would be able to allow other groups in the community to use the area for meeting and parties.

Why our community should be the next Kraft Hockeyville

Fox Creek is in a time of change and has a great group of citizens who will work hard to do what they can to better the community. We have worked to build parks and a hall as well as a Nordic trail system. Also, if someone is in a time of crisis, then the citizens come together to help. A past citizen lost their house in a fire and we had a silent auction from donated items and raised upward of $40,000 for him and his family.


Nominated by Daymien McGinty

Our passion and spirit for hockey

The community loves its hockey. I’ve see It packed to the point where parking is like a game of Tetris you have to pay attention or you hit something. Hockey has inspired kids to do better in school so they can get out on the ice and play their favorite pass time.

How winning would impact us

Winning would be awesome to get new equipment to make the arena more user-friendly when no one is around. Also more space for the teams so girls and boys do not need to share changing rooms

Why our community should be the next Kraft Hockeyville

I think Fox Creek should win because it’s a great place to make memories with family and friends and more space that you could use for parties makes it easier to do so. I’ve had some great times there from school trips to watching my cousin play hockey when I was little.



Nominated by Kim Norman

Our passion and spirit for hockey

We have a town that is filled with volunteerism and spirit. Out town has approx 2500 people and is equipped for that. We are an oilfield town so we have approx an extra 10000 people using our infrastructure. Every program for kids is based on volunteer participation. Our community always comes together to make it happen, whether it be hockey, soccer or gymnastics. Kids come first.

Unique to our town is a family that went to Africa to sponsor the education for children in African orphanages. My family sponsors one as well as many others. Even our teachers came together to sponsor a child. Truly amazing. Our community is more like a family and I would love to see our arena win. Go fox creek bulldogs!!!

How winning would impact us

Our arena is old and rundown. We would benefit from any and all renovations. We are in an old quonset so it is really hard to regulate the heat. If we have heat for the people watching then it affects the ice. We also currently only have rooms for boys and girls together. We need to build additional change rooms so the girls can dress separately. They share a room and a bathroom. We only have 4 dressing rooms so it doesn’t always work. Some visiting teams get really upset about this.

Why our community should be the next Kraft Hockeyville

We are more than a community… We are a family. Minor hockey is a volunteer board of parents and it would be an amazing tribute to them and all the volunteers in the past.


Photos by Brandi Bedson


Nominated by Rita Pettifer  

Our passion and spirit for hockey

it’s no longer my community but I still have several friends there. My kids used this arena through their formative years and I feel everyone else’s kids should get the same chance.

How winning would impact us

I’m not certain, I’ll leave that to those living there currently.

Why our community should be the next Kraft Hockeyville

Because it’s AWESOME!!! Because it’s AWESOME!!! Because it’s AWESOME!!!



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To nominate, cast your vote and for more information:


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