Industry Team up to Improve Arena

| November 20, 2014

To play a hockey game, you need the commitment, sportsmanship and positive attitude of the team players, the managers, coaches and parents.

You also need high-quality equipment and a place to store the gear and jerseys.

Each team, from Initiation to Midgets, now has their own new metal locker at the Derald Palmer Memorial arena, with ample space, shelves and ventilation.

The new lockers were custom built by ProFoxx Energy staff. All of the costs for the new lockers were covered by 3 Boys, Tank and Vac company.

Parent and coach, and Minor Hockey’s Games and Conduct Rep., Scott Rycroft approached President of Fox Creek’s Minor Hockey Association,  Stewart MacAskill and together the idea of the new lockers was created.

“They are fantastic. Thank you to 3 Boys and ProFoxx!” said Stewart.



Thank you to Chris McKennitt (left) and James McKennitt, owners of 3 Boys Tank and Vac, for covering the cost of the new lockers at the arena, seen with President of Minor Hockey, Stewart MacAskill (right).


“I personal believe, the arena is the heart of the community,” said Chris.

Fox Creek’s arena was built in 1973. To the best of our knowledge, the former wooden lockers were originals.

Future plans include adding more decals to personalize each locker, changing out the remainder of the wooden lockers and removing ones that are not needed, which will open up some space in the arena lobby.

A new multi-plex recreation centre is on the town’s radar, but will take time, planning and sufficient funds.

In the meantime, many believe we need to improve the current building we have, to make things more efficient for everyone.

By donations and support from companies, such as 3Boys and ProFoxx, the community is able to maintain the arena for many years to come.


Photos by Brandi Bedson

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  1. Freebly says:

    Way to go Boys. Nice to see Stewie so active in the community. All work and no play…

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