Clean the World with Timber Ridge

| November 6, 2014

DSC_0907Timber Ridge has joined over 200 hotels across Canada and 85 hotels in Alberta, that are trying to reduce their waste by helping those in need.

The program is called ‘Clean the World’ and their mission is to collect and recycle soap and shampoo products that are discarded by the hospitality industries daily. Through the donation of these hygiene products and more, millions of lives of impoverished people have been saved from hygiene-related deaths.

timberTimber Ridge has been a part of this program for a year already, having sent off thousands of bars of soaps, shampoos and conditioners. “It’s another way to not fill up the landfills by recycling reusable materials while helping to save lives” explained the General Manager of Timber Ridge, Corbett Fertig.

After the first successful year on participating in the Clean the World program, Corbett Fertig has decided that he wants to see the program expand further throughout the community by opening the doors to the residents of Fox Creek as well. We all have those bottles of hygiene products (shampoo, conditioners or lotions to name a few) and bars of soap that has only a small amount left, which does not get used.

Corbett hopes that by opening the program to the rest of the community, that rather than throwing away those bottles and bars of soap that normally fill the bathroom, people will bring them to Timber Ridge to be sent away to get repurposed and sent to those who are in need.

The program provides bins to the hotels participating, and once they are filled, they get shipped to a recycling operation centre in the United States for re-batching or sterilization before it is shipped to other countries.

Clean the World began in February 2009 and since April 2009, approximately 1,7604,449 children have died from diseases that were preventable with proper hygiene. Clean the World has helped 6 countries receive their products and have distributed about 11 million bars of soap worldwide.

For more information about the program or to learn more about how you can help, you can visit


If you has some hygiene products that would normally get thrown away, why not take them to Timber Ridge instead of adding to the landfills.




Hailey Spiess

Hailey Spiess


By Hailey Spiess

Freelance Reporter

Hailey enjoys informing people about the events and telling the stories of Fox Creek.

As a mother of three, for Hailey, family comes first and writing is her passion.


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