Horizon North’s Iosegun Lake Lodge: ‘A Home away from Home’

| October 15, 2014
Horizon North Camp & Catering's Iosegun Lake Lodge.

Horizon North Camp & Catering’s Iosegun Lake Lodge.

Tucked away in the trees, Horizon North Camp & Catering’s Iosegun Lake Lodge, located along the Trilogy Road heading towards Iosegun Lake, is referred to as a ‘home away from home’. Classified as an executive camp, this isn’t your parents’ bunk style work camp. As you turn off the Trilogy Road, you are greeted by secur¬ity before even reaching the camp.

The massive building houses a total of 468 workers, with an additional 60 rooms coming soon. At this time, Horizon North’s Iosegun Lake Lodge is only operating at 1/3 of its capacity, but as Manager Kabelo Siziba explained, “It is picking up now as we are coming out of the slow season. When it’s full, it’s pretty much a zoo here.” Currently staying at Iosegun Lake Lodge are employees for Shell, Trilogy, Chevron and other sub-contractors.

Horizon North Camp & Catering (HNCC) has two camps in our area, Iosegun Lake Lodge and the Airport Camp. The difference between the two camps is that the Airport Camp is a Jack and Jill style camp, meaning that two rooms share one bathroom facility. The Airport Camp was expected to be 2/3’s full by yesterday (October 13).

At Iosegun Lake Lodge, things are different. This executive style work camp features executive rooms; meaning that each room gets its own private bathroom and vanity area, along with a small fridge, table to do work on, closet and bed.

Bedroom accommodations.

Bedroom accommodations.

Iosegun Lake Lodge's Cafeteria.

Iosegun Lake Lodge’s Cafeteria.

The lobby area.

The lobby area. All photos by Hailey Spiess

At full capacity, Iosegun Lake Lodge employs 28 staff members to take care of the housekeeping, clinic, maintenance and offices, plus an additional 20 staff members for the cafeteria.

Horizon North employs 24 hour on-site First Aid/Medical EMT staff and provides a clinic that handles all but major incidents or injuries as a way to try and alleviate pressure from Fox Creek’s Medical Clinic and Hospital. “Thankfully there have been no serious incidents seen at camp” stated Siziba.

Safety is a big part of the daily operations at HNCC’s camps. Iosegun Lake Lodge holds daily safety meetings and department meetings, focusing on different areas each month. In the lobby area, which has a tv and vending machines, they have displayed for the public to see and/or review; their safety minutes, Emergency Response Plans, and fire drills, along with the policies and more.

Siziba explained that Horizon North encourages guests to look over the information and explained that they also review other incidents that may not have happened there, as a way to proactively come up with a way to deal with potentially unsafe situations before they occur.

In with the theme of Safety, posters are displayed around the facility of important safety topics; this month’s was the importance of making sure needles are disposed of properly. Security is also a big part of the work camp.

Along with the on-site security, Horizon North also works closely with the Fox Creek RCMP, who comes out to the camp to do patrols. On-site Security at Iosegun Lake Lodge deals with all matters not deemed criminal; these cases would be handed over to the RCMP to deal with. The Fox Creek Fire Department also visits the camp, as well as people from the company’s city offices.

“Camps have to offer services (to their guests) now. It’s no longer just a bunk” explained Siziba. Guests who stay at Iosegun Lake Lodge are able to take advantage of the gym, recreation room; which offers guests a pool table, card table, big screen tv and ping pong table, laundry facilities for personal use in each dorm trailer, and WIFI.


Gym Room


Recreation area

In the cafeteria, there are coolers with lunch items stocked before each shift, an island juice bar, display boxes filled with sweet treats, a cereal dispenser that features a variety of cereals, a salad buffet, a TV that displays the meal items, and a card scanner to order your meal.

“The card scanner is used so that (Horizon) can keep track of the amount of food being eaten. Guests can get as many helpings as they wish, they just have to scan their card first,” explained Siziba.

Iosegun Lake Lodge’s Chef, Robin Caldwell explained that within reason, they are able to cater to most dietary requests that the guests may have. Food items however are not guaranteed ‘free of anything’ due to the fact that food is prepared in the same areas and signs inform guests of this throughout the cafeteria area. The cafeteria also offers their guests in-house made desserts, which are made fresh each night by a dessert chef.

Iosegun Lake Lodge is a dry camp, meaning there is a zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs. All employees and guests are expected to follow the strict zero tolerance policy or face immediate eviction or termination of employment (whichever applies).

Horizon North Camp & Catering offers their staff safety courses (such as H2S, WHMIS) as well as First Aid and Food Safe courses. “It’s about raising and growing a skillful trained set of employees” said Sizaba. Guests are given a strict set of rules and information about the facilities offered known as the HNCC Facility Residency Conditions, which outlines the do’s and don’ts of staying at the lodge, along with information regarding finding safe needle disposals and the location of the meeting point, in case of an emergency due to H2S.

Among the items listed in the Residency Conditions is quiet time being from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, no unregistered guests allowed, and an explanation of any fines they may occur should a guest be caught smoking in the facility, lose items; such as a remote, or vandalizes camp property.

Horizon is a remote resource development service company that provides workforce accommodation solutions, camp management and catering services, and road and access matting solutions.

Horizon provides these services in support of oil sands development, oil and gas exploration, mining and infrastructure projects throughout Canada’s western provinces and northern territories where local infrastructure does not meet project requirements. {Source: http://www.horizonnorth.ca/Home.aspx)

At Horizon, we pride ourselves in taking an active part in the communities in which we work and live. Together with our employees, Horizon supports local causes and charitable organizations that help build strong families and healthy communities. {Source: http://www.horizonnorth.ca/AboutUs/CommunityInvolvement.aspx}

This year’s Canada Day breakfast was done by HNCC. “When Horizon does something like the Canada Day breakfast, we supply and cook the food” explained Siziba, adding “We (Horizon) are very pleased to be by Fox Creek. Horizon is here not only to make money out of Fox Creek but to grow it too.”

Kabelo Siziba, Manager at Iosegun Lake Lodge.

Kabelo Siziba, Manager at Iosegun Lake Lodge

Kabelo Siziba explained that Horizon wants to focus on visibility, youth employment and empowerment. Community involvement is an important part of Horizon North, and they are looking into ways to become more involved.

Also along the halls was a special group of photos that surrounded the saying ‘I live safely because it’s important too….’ “The photos are of family members and people who some of the guests care for, the reason every person goes to work, and the reason every person should work safely. These are the people each worker wants to go home too.” expressed Siziba, “Though a guest is not at home, they might as well feel at ease.”

The people we care about are the reason every person goes to work, and the reason every person should work safely.

The people we care about are the reason every person goes to work, and the reason every person should work safely.

HNCC’s Iosegun Lake Lodge offers a warm welcome, comfort, a good menu, health and fitness area, a clinic and an on-site medic. There are three work camps in town limits, two are Horizon North Camp & Catering’s, and the other camp is run by McTaves Camp & Catering.

Work camps are temporary until Fox Creek catches up, explained Chief Administrative Officer, Roy Dell. “Work camps are a viable option (for Fox Creek) because we (Fox Creek) don’t have the housing for them (the workers)” explained Dell, who added that “the biggest benefit of work camps is the money. The Town of Fox Creek has used money from the work camps to improve the town by improving the sidewalks, and the purchase of some benches and garbage cans.”

Dell explained that water and sewage costs for work camps that are outside of Town limits are still at the cost of the Town.

“Work camps give a place to put people because (Fox Creek) doesn’t have the room. When they (the work camps) do move out, the Town has very marketable land with site work done” explained Dell, who added in regards to Iosegun Lake Lodge’s facility “The camps of 30 years ago were second rate.”

Work camps are known to put pressure on the services of a town, but Horizon North Camp & Catering is doing what they can to try and alleviate some of that pressure from Fox Creek.


Hailey Spiess

Hailey Spiess


By Hailey Spiess

Freelance Reporter

Hailey enjoys informing people about the events and telling the stories of Fox Creek.

As a mother of three, for Hailey, family comes first and writing is her passion.способы раскрутки сайтов

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