Rockin’ and Rollin’

| February 26, 2014

pink guitarI love music and love to dance. We’ve been jiving along.

There are quite a few people that pursued, inspired and keep the tunes cranked and the feet moving in my career.

Things started turned in my circle career life in the Fall of 2010. I took a 180 degree spin when a stranger and I crossed paths. I quickly discovered the mentor’s name, Jeff McCann.

It was November, a Wednesday and a day, I typically delivered the Times newspaper, faithfully smiling and skipping along. But this day, I was a troubled, my mind was rattled and I knew that my ultimate fate was not purchasing the newspaper.

The school was always my last stop and I didn’t grab my faithful side companion, Canon case this time. I left it in my vehicle. I simply wanted to drop off the papers and continue on my pity train that day.

I remember thinking the school was unusually quiet as I walked down the hallway. Something was up.

‘Oh yeah, I remember, the kids had an anti-bully presentation in the gym today,’ I said to myself. Ok, Brandi, go get your camera and be a good little reporter and cover this story, sponsored by the CHAMP program.

Well, that moment changed my life.

I sat to the side, snapped a few pictures, listened to his presentation and took notes.

He sang a song, ‘Bully Proof Vest’ and I remember thinking, “Wow, wish I had one of those right now in life – oh wait, I do, I just didn’t realize it fit me, aha moment!

My daughter happened to be in the session as well, always nice when parenting and work cross paths.

So, Jeff and I exchanged business cards, talked for a while, went our separate ways for lunch and I came back in the afternoon to see his Tai Chi demonstration.

We exchanged emails, accepted each other’s friend request on Facebook. I wrote the article, sent him the paper and link and he complimented my photography and writing.

He sent an autographed personal cd at Christmas, with a little note written “From one artist to another.” I’ve never been referred to as an artist.

jeff and bb

I was bouncing when he asked if we could meet for a summer photo session for his next cd. We planned a photo session for the summer, hoping we could make our schedules match up.

He followed along in my life, encouraging my leaps of faith and expressing support along the way – as I did in his life.

“All in all I guess you might even say there are no “accidents” in life? You’re now doing what the universe had earmarked for you…just not in the limited “view” of the Fox Creek News.” said Jeff.

It so happened his summer holidays were coming along Highway 43 in August. We messaged back and forth and agreed to meet in town as his wife wanted to go shopping, yes, at the elite selection of stores we have, also to grab groceries, and be on their way north to Peace River.

Jeff said his wife, Suzanne were thrilled with Fox Stock and Apparels (now Waye and Sons) neat variety of things.

So we agreed to meet at the VIC (Visitor Information Centre) and decide where to go for pictures from there – besides, he did have to go to the washroom!

We didn’t go too far, but a few steps to the park bench and the playground.

And young teenager, a guitar player himself, Bryden Edwards was working that afternoon. He is always a delight to talk to, well known to strike a conversation with anyone, any topic, from anywhere.

It wasn’t until after, I discovered Bryden wasn’t scheduled to work that day, in fact he missed his brother’s birthday to work a shift to exchange for a staff colleague.

Bryden helped carry Jeff’s guitar to the few different close by locations for photos and then Jeff even let him hold both guitars, as we laughed and snapped photos of each other holding the pink electric guitar.

The setting was great, a park bench, the white fence, trees, picnic table and playground was perfect for the kid’s song.

Sometimes the best things in life are when you least expect them and one person can turn your life around, if you keep an open mind and believe.

I went home dancing, Bryden went home dancing and the McCann’s left on their way home dancing. I encourage you to keep on dancing.


“A  dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – John Lennon 

Jeff McCann’s websites:

продам готовый деревянный дом

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