F.C.F.D Fire Fit 2013

| August 24, 2013
FCFD Fire Fit Team - L: Kris Guyton, Chris McKennitt, Brian Davidson, Shawn Watson, Tyler Plamondon and Andrew Hillier. Photo submitted by Jennifer Hillier.

FCFD Fire Fit Team – L: Kris Guyton, Chris McKennitt, Brian Davidson, Shawn Watson, Tyler Plamondon and Andrew Hillier. Photo submitted by Jennifer Hillier.

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Fox Creek Fire Department volunteers: Chris McKennitt, Brian Davidson, Andrew Hillier, Tyler Plamondon, Shawn Watson and Kris Guyton are competing in the 2013 Fire Fit Competition in Edson, August 24 and 25th.

The men are among 180 competitors from all across Canada, Germany and Australia.

“If our team times are in the qualifying bracket, we will be entered into the Canadian Finals, held in Edmonton in a few weeks,” said Brian Davidson.


Fox Creek's Finest medals achieved at Fire Fit 2013 in Edson, Aug. 24 & 25th. Photo submitted.

Fox Creek’s Finest medals achieved at Fire Fit 2013 in Edson, Aug. 24 & 25th. Photo submitted.

Tyler Plamondon earned a personal best time of 2:08.

Chris McKennitt earned a personal best time of 2:18.

Kris Guyton’s personal best was 2:11.

The Team’s first running relay was 1:27 and Final Relay time for 5 person relay was 1:25. The best times to date!

Brian Davidson and Chris McKennitt earned a time of 1:57 in the two person relay race.

FCFD earned the Top Volunteer combined times and placed 4th overall, qualifying for the National Championships Relay Race Team in Edmonton on Sept. 8th!!


Two Minute Challenge

1. Stair Climb with High Rise Pack

This challenge consists of a 42 lb. hose which must be carried up six flights of stairs. This activity replicates a five story building where water is needed at the top.

The 42 lb. hose is a standard 100 ft., 1.75 in. thick hose. The stairwell consists of six sets of stairs, each with ten steps. The firefighter must carry the hose up the stairs and place it in a container box on the top story of the stairwell.

The hose may not touch the ground at any point before the firefighter places it in the container box. Once the 42 lb. hose is in the box, the firefighter may proceed with the second event, then descend the stairs, touching each tread and holding on to both handrails on each side of the stairway.

On reaching the floor, the firefighter goes onto the next event. Their time is continued and any penalties are added to the final time. Penalties include not touching every step or holding onto the hand rails, which results in a 2 second time addition to their final time per occurrence. The firefighter may also be disqualified if at any time the hose comes off or slides out of the container at the top of the stairway.

2. Hose Hoist – Competitor raising a donut rolled, 42 lb. hose  up the 5 story FCC Tower using a hand-over-hand motion, the competitor must pull up a 42 lb hose roll and place it into the box on the top of the 5-story Tower.

The 42 lb. prop is a donut roll of large diameter hose. Time continues from the previous event. Loss of control (i.e., allowing the donut to fall more than one story) will result in disqualification.

3. Forcible Entry-Competitor hitting 160 lb. beam with 9 lb. sledgehammer.

The forcible entry simulator used is called the Keiser force machine. It is a highly sought after simulated forcible entry-chopping device developed and manufactured by Keiser Corporation specifically for the fire service.

It provides an efficient and durable means of training or testing individuals such as firefighters who use axes and sledgehammers in their occupation.

This event simulates a firefighter breaking down a door or wall to enter a burning building. In this challenge, the firefighter stands over a 160 lb. beam. They must slam a nine-pound sledgehammer into the beam until the beam moves five feet.

The firefighter must keep both hands below a tape-marked line on the sledgehammer, and only contact the beam with the head of the sledgehammer.

This tape marked line is 1 ft. down from the head of the sledgehammer. The upper edge of the beam is covered with a pressure sensitive tape that makes contacts other than by the head of the sledgehammer visible.

The firefighter receives a warning for the first handle strike. Any hit by the handle afterwards adds five seconds to the final time. Pushing and raking of the beam is not allowed and is grounds for disqualification.

At the first hit, time continues from the previous event. The event is complete once the competitor places the sledgehammer on a platform at the end of the 5 ft. distance. The entire sledgehammer must be placed on the two by 3 ft. platform before the firefighter goes to the next event.

4. Hose Advance– Competitor releasing the nozzle to spray target once through the swinging doors

The fourth challenge is the Hose advance. This simulates a firefighter running from a fire engine towards a close fire. The competitor sprints 140 ft and picks up a 1.75 in. diameter charged (pressurized with water) hose, sprints five more feet with the hose, then drags it an additional 75 fee.

Once at the 75 ft line and through the swinging doors, the competitor must then open the hose nozzle, releasing water onto a small target. After hitting the target, they must close the nozzle and drop the hose, which completes the event.

The hose nozzle may only be opened once the nozzle opens the swinging doors; if the nozzle is opened earlier a 2 second penalty is added to the final time. If the competitor does not close the nozzle, they must come back close the nozzle and then resume the final event.

5. Victim Rescue – Competitor dragging mannequin from behind down the 100ft runway.

The firefighter removes a victim from a fire as quickly as possible to save the victim from injury. A 175 lb. mannequin must be picked up from the ground, grabbed from behind, and dragged backwards 100 ft.

The competitor may not pick up the mannequin off the ground and must drag it backwards at all points of time. Then competition has ended and time is stopped. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefighter’s_Combat_Challenge).раскрутка сайтов агентство

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