Poplar Tree Mess, Legitimate Concerns

| May 24, 2013

Letter to Editor,treee

Are you as fed up as I am with your neighbours poplar trees?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not neighbour bashing and  I love trees and also understand how important they are to the planet.  I don’t really know my neighbour but I do know that there is approximately 20 poplar trees in his backyard!

These trees are extremely close to the power lines and when there are strong winds I watch them sway wondering if and when one of them is going to come crashing down, possibly in my direction.  If one of these trees come down on a power line is it going to start a fire?  With the dry conditions and wind that we have this spring I am quite concerned.

Did you know that because poplar trees grow so fast that they actually become hollow inside, there is no structural integrity after a certain point?
Now here is my other issue with these trees…..every spring the little husks that cover the new leaves fall off.  Until about the end of June my backyard, my dogs, patio furniture, BBQ, boat, EVERYTHING  is covered with millions of these sticky little things.

Last year they actually ate through our boat cover and we had to throw it away.  If we want to sit outside it takes about half an hour to clean the sticky things off the furniture first, even our power washer has trouble removing them.  The dogs track them into the house, they are stuck to my floors, carpets and furniture.


I have to pick them off by hand and then wash off the sticky residue they leave behind.  Don’t even get me started with the roots from these trees that grow into our yard, my husband swears at them every time he cuts the grass or the suckers that shoot up everywhere in our yard.

If it  were not for mowing the lawn our yard would be a forest from the amount of suckers that these poplars produce.  If I had of known what a problem those trees are I would never have bought this house!


There are actually towns in Alberta that ban these trees or are in the process of removing them from public land because of the hazard that they pose.  We did have the Bylaw Officer come take a look last year but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done other than being allowed to cut back any branches that hang into our yard or remove the roots.

Perhaps it is time for our town to possibly look at creating a Bylaw to address this issue?  I do of course realize what a huge undertaking it would be to remove these trees as well as the costs involved.  But what would be the cost of one of these trees falling on a power line starting a fire in town, especially now with the fire hazard so high? Or it could be your house, car, family member?
Am I the only one that has this problem?  Once again I would like to say I AM NOT neighbour or tree bashing, so don’t yell at me for that.  I feel I have a legitimate concern that should be addressed.

Kathy Zwarichlingerie coquine pas cher

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  1. Loralie Volaric says:

    I too am glad someone spoke up about this mess. We have the same thing in our yard. Every year we have the same problem. I am also waiting for one to fall in our yard our garage and hope my kids and dogs are not outside if it happens.

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  2. Darlie Krueger says:

    I totally agree Kathy. Everything is covered with sticky. As the groomer in town, I know the havoc it wreaks on the dogs. They are covered in them. Just a few weeks ago during one of the wind storms a poplar tree fell into our yard. It wrecked our fence. (tree was in town green space behind our house) As we were away on vacation, my friend was there checking on things in the back yard. She was there with her children about an hour before it fell. I would hate to think what could have happened to a person when I saw the damage done to the fence. And what if I had been home… my dogs are usually in the back yard. They could have been hurt/killed as well.

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    • Kathy says:

      Just curious, who paid for the fence to be fixed. If a neighbours tree falls and damages something it is their responsibility to pay for it. So in your case did the town pay?

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