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| April 12, 2013
Community Peace By-law Officer Daniel Cress on duty monitoring the speed at the school zone.

Community Peace By-law Officer Daniel Cress on duty monitoring the speed at the school zone.

Community Peace Officer Report

Community Peace Officer, Daniel Cress’s report to council included 25 tickets for the month of February, ranging from seatbelt violations, speeding, cellphones and careless driving.

In two days, 8 traffic tickets for parking and disobeying the signs were issued. He received one dog complaint and the dog was contained.

“I am seeing a lot of companies (drivers) wearing no seatbelts and talking on cellphones. They just don’t care,” said Cress.

Last month, he issued $2, 220 in fines, assisted the RCMP on three calls, clocked a speeder on the highway at 162 km/hr and stopped an impaired driver.

His focuses for the months of April and May are spring clean-up, new signage and continuing to monitor speed at the school zones.

Mayor Leora MacKinnon expressed her concerns for the truck and trailer’s parking by the Freson IGA and blocking the entrance and exit.

Cress, who issued three tickets in one day, said, “It seems they have no disregard of the $55 ticket fine.”

He suggested posting “a bigger sign, working with Public Works and certainly educate – it is a matter of common sense.”


RCMP Statistics and Goals for 2013


Sgt. McBeth informed council theft under $5000 numbers in the month of February are causing some concerns.

“It is not a great way to start the year off. A lot of vehicles are carrying valuable stuff, it is hard to trace. The team will continue to patrol parking lots. We are hoping to tackle this more, before it gets out control,” he said.

“Enforcement is good. We’ve written a lot of tickets, a lot of traffic parking the wrong way.” he added.

The number of calls in February were – 136, a decrease from 197 in January. The number of calls to date in 2012 were – 330.

The number of complaints in February – 72, a decrease from 99 in January.

Sexual assaults have increased. “Some are in town, it is not all the shadow population, it is alarming. We are going to start with education in the school and oil companies,” said the Sgt.

At the April 2 town council meeting, Sgt. McBeth said, “Unfortunately drugs have increased 58.3 %. Municipal complaints increased 53%.

Daniel (Community Peace Officer) is working with us a lot, we are busy and trying to be very proactive out there,” added the Sgt.

Councillor Jim Ahn said he’s noticed a much greater presence (of both the RCMP and the Community Peace Officer) in town and is happy to see the numbers down and surprised sexual assaults are up.  “I hope we see it continue to decrease,” said Ahn.

Councillor Mary Campbell asked Sgt. McBeth the reason for the extra court dates.

Trials are booked at the Fox Creek Provincial Court until February 2014.  Sgt. McBeth explained the fourth Wed. of every other month is now set for extra court trial dates, as well as the fourth Monday of each month for the regular scheduled court date, as a way of getting the high number of criminal cases before the Judge.

Sgt. reported for the month of March, numbers were on par: theft under 5000 – 0, violence and relationship – 0 – drugs – 4 and traffic matters – 4.

“It is nice to see the team out there and investigating traffic,” said the Sgt.

Sergeant Jeff McBeth

Sergeant Jeff McBeth

Complaints increased in March to 143, from 136 in February.  At this time last year, there were 187 complaints.

He reported a total of 484 complaints from Jan. 1- April 2, 2013: including 73 municipal complaints.

He is keeping track of the enhancement policing position; Senior Constable Brad Schram attended 7 municipal calls and assisted the detachment 17 times in March.

Mayor MacKinnon asked about the 6 impaireds and dangerously operating a motor vehicle charges. She said, “Any impaired is unacceptable, this is a walk-able community.”


Goals set to Focus on for their Annual Performance Plan (APP) this year:

  • Substance & Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol Abuse – Sgt. McBeth said “Alcohol fuels a lot of crime.”
  • Property Theft – “We had 61 mischief charges last year, property crime is on the rise. It is not just the people who work here, it is also the people who live here.”
  • Traffic Safety
  • Impaired Driving – “This goes hand in hand with alcohol abuse.”


“We are still looking at all the other crimes, each one falls under a bigger umbrella. Our initiatives are to work with Mayor and Council and ultimately make our community a safer place to live,” – Sgt. McBeth.продвижение сайтов

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  1. Darlie Krueger says:

    While it is important to have someone watching out for traffic violations, I do not think it should be a priority for our bylaw officer. We have RCMP and Sheriffs to do that. I would think that there is enough other bylaw related issues to be dealt with in Fox Creek to keep him busy.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6

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