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| March 19, 2013
FoFCHS Donna Rector and Lynda Ekdahl were pleasantly surprised by the $5000 donation from Festival of Trees, 2012 portion of proceeds from the FC Chamber of Commerce businesses. President Diane Ahn and secretary Cathy Wiltse (right). Photo by Brandi Bedson.

FoFCHS volunteers Donna Rector and Lynda Ekdahl were pleasantly surprised by the $5000 donation from Festival of Trees, 2012 portion of proceeds from the FC Chamber of Commerce businesses. C of C President Diane Ahn and Vice President Cathy Wiltse (right). Photo by Brandi Bedson.

Celebrating the holiday season, decorated Christmas trees and local businesses benefited medical care and a non-profit community organization.

The first Festival of Trees event last November, hosted by the Fox Creek Chamber of Commerce, profited just over $6500.

The Chamber of Commerce decided a $5000 portion of the proceeds from the gala event were to be donated, on behalf of the businesses attending the event, to the Fox Creek Hospital Society (FoFCHS).

FoFCHS are now one step closer to raising funds for a $20,000 Glidescope.

A Glidescope, used as an intubation technique, requires maneuvering around the curvature of the tongue and hypopharynx, in a path similar to that created by the curve of the Glidescope blade.

Endotracheal tube placement with the Glidescope is best done as a two-step process. The tip of the tube should be inserted into the larynx only, then the stylet partially withdrawn, before the tube is fully advanced. (Source:

President of the Chamber of Commerce Diane Ahn and Vice President Cathy Wiltse presented Lynda Ekdahl and Donna Rector, members of the FoFCHS the donation on March 8.


Chamber of Commerce meeting highlights

At the Feb. 26 Chamber of Commerce (C of C) meeting, there were six renewal memberships since January and six, out of 18, highway signs paid.  There were 56 members at the end of 2012.

Bogusha Pomerenke asked about renewal membership and inquired if there were renewals, extension of membership forms and new membership forms.  Diane said it can be looked into and Mylene English, office administrator, will make changes.

Mylene invited MLA Everret MacDonald to the Canada Day celebration and the 2013 Festival of Trees.

Kristen Hagen has asked about Chamber benches and suggested replacing them or painting them black. Advertising on the new banners and baskets, as part of the Town’s list of advertising options, was deferred to the next meeting when Kristen would be present to answer questions.  The Town has given the Chamber a page on the Town’s website, which will include their mission statement, membership, links and pictures.

Mylene talked about the VIC (Visitor Information Center) upgrades and upcoming advertising for summer staff.  She will request quotes on cupboards for underneath brochure racks, as the VIC requires storage space, and Mylene has brought in two shelving units from home. Crafts, postcards and more items for display at the VIC are coming together nicely.  She approached Sandra Hardy regarding having Shane do an image for postcards.

Mylene asked about increasing wages for summer staff, currently the rate is $10/hr. She is willing to approach Council for an increase to the VIC Operation Grant to cover the additional $2000-$3000 required. Brandon Pauling and Bogusha explained their staff incentives and bonuses.

Yvonne Jones motioned to review the wage increase and bonus program, deferring the decision until the next meeting when Mylene can present more information.

The next C of C meeting is Tuesday, March 26 at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers.хорошую сковороду

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  1. Pat Davies says:

    I think the Chamber of Commerce is a great asset to the town of Fox Creek. Good job people!

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