Student Choice Awards

| June 24, 2012

*This year’s Student Choice awards were announced on June 21 at the Fox Creek School. Kaeleigh Pasula and Devin Cadrain submitted their speech. Thank-you, for your Youth in FOCUS submission.

Welcome everyone, to Fox Creek School’s 2011/2012 Student’s Choice Awards! Before we start, we want to say a few thanks –

To all the teachers for allowing us to borrow class time, both for voting and for our awards show itself.

To everyone and anyone who has contributed to the award show, with a special thanks to Ms. Bedson for supplying various pictures, to Mrs. Ferguson for lending her time and technology skills and to Brandon Ahn for creating a beautiful logo for us. And to you guys, for voting, and for being here right now.

It’s been a significant year at Fox Creek School, filled with many new, unique and fun learning experiences.

We’ve held solar car races, built a greenhouse, participated in Science Fair, put on a play, been to a Provincial Track Meet, became engaged with Speak Out, attended Water Conservation Conferences, brought new opportunities to Fox Creek, shown support for worldwide famine, and gained new classroom technology.

Though all of those are valuable memories made this school year, it’s the students themselves that made the memories meaningful. We believe that each student within our school, is a valuable piece of our puzzle, therefore, the puzzle wouldn’t be completed without each and every one of you.

In recognizing a small portion of our student body today through these Student Choice Awards, it must be said that though not everyone can be recognized, does not mean you go unnoticed. As we’ve learned as a student body this year, small acts go a long way, and they DO get noticed.

So to end a brilliant year at Fox Creek School, it’s time for the 2011/2012 Student Choice Awards!


First, we have our class clowns. These were voted per grade, for the funniest student in the classroom. Now here’s the catch, with this award show, we decided to not just give awards, but to show you why these students won. So being the class clown, each winner must tell us one joke, so be ready!

For Grade 7, Class Clowns – Brock Marple, 8- Tavis MacDonald, 9- Noah Cross, 10- Daniel Collison, 11- Colby Miners, 12- Robert Young.

Next up, we have our Cutie Pie! Now in the description it says the cutie pie is the person who is pretty much most likely to have their cheeks squeezed, so before we call them up, we must call upon Mrs. Sanderson. Now, our cutie pie – Ryan Ahn.

So next we have our Glamour Girl, but she must stay with us after we call her name for her action! Our glamour girl – Nao Okamoto. Now, to strut the runway with our glamour girl, is our dressed to kill boy, Mathew Mcphee!

Next, we have our Silent but Deadly, the quiet but profound student – Lester Evangelista.

Now, for the PROcrastinator – Darren Campiou, but he can come get the award later…just kidding!

Next we have….. Our Queen of Hearts and our Prince Charming. As in the description, Prince Charming must sweep our Queen of Hearts off her feet. So our Queen – Molly Mashford, and our Prince – Kole Petch.

Up next, is our Future Tribute Award, for the #1 Hunger Games fan, who must quote to us, their favorite line from the hunger games series…(may the odds be ever in your favor) – April McMullen.

She said “If I’m going to die, I want to still be me.”

Now for a fun one. For our most Accident Prone Person, the one always seeming to be injured, we want to see you re-enact your latest injury – Laura Camps.

Next, the one with all the advice, the Oprah Replacement, who by the way, gets to tell us a great piece of advice when they win, Daniel Cuzzetto. He said, “Stay in school.”

Next, is our Workaholic, who must write as many words as they can in 30 seconds – Terri Kennedy Flynn.

Our Big Friendly Giant, with an intimidating exterior, while soft on the interior, who must give as many hugs as they can in 30 seconds –  Bodie Davidson.

007– Well, it’s hard to be sneaky when you’re called to the front of the room, so we’ll just play the mission impossible theme song. Our culprit to never get caught – Layton MacRae.

Now, for our Mr. and Ms. Universe, since the title means most athletic, it’s time for a race! When called up, you guys are going to have to race around the gym – Ethan Thesen and Kennedy Davidson.

Now our Bottomless Pit, you obviously like to eat, so we got a little something for you (a pie) – Isabella White.

Next, our Future Billionaire must tell us what they would do if it were to come true (pay off the school debt). The most likely to be insanely rich – Jordan Priest.

Now for our Sleeping Beauty, the person everyone swears has a malfunctioning alarm clock. Let’s hope she’s awake by now, just kidding – Alana Newbold.

So our next award, is the person most likely to be famous in ten years. And you know the cheesy speeches celebrities have to make at awards shows, well that’s exactly what this recipient has to do! Our Red Carpet Award winner is – Austin Kennedy. She waved and extended her appreciation to her friends, family and everyone among pretend sobs of overjoy excitement.

Joe Dirt, the person who enjoys the environment and follows “Life’s a garden and I dig it!” must eat some dirt and worms, but of course we’re not mean enough to use real dirt and worms. Let’s welcome our Joe Dirt – Devin Cadrain.

Next up is our Smooth Talker, who is able to talk themselves out of any situation. Welcome the smooth talker of the year – Riley Gervais.

Now we have Bruce Almighty, the student who carries themselves with confidence through the hallways. We would have an action for them but well, we’re sure they’ll display this quality nice enough on their own. Bruce Almighty – Austin Smith.

Here’s a crowd favorite, the Ray of Sunshine! Now just as this person does everyday, their task now is to say or do something to make the whole crowd smile, so let’s welcome – Megan Abramyk.  She skipped up to the front of the gym and sang, “You are my sunshine.”

Now, for the Future Prime Minister, as chosen by our student body –  Kyria Baranowski.

Our Lasting Legacy – Ashley Antonia.

And for the last of the student awards, the FCS Student of the Year. Since being student of the year is such a high privilege, it’s this person’s job to create our new Fox Creek School cheer! Let’s hear it from Kaeleigh Pasula.

So now, after all that excitement, it’s on to the Teacher Awards.

It was hard to choose which awards to offer for teachers, as we picked out many favorable qualities while brainstorming awards. While we picked significant awards to recognize the funny, the supportive, and a few other traits, everything else doesn’t go unrecognized, because let’s face it, without the teachers, we wouldn’t be here.

First up, we have the Nutty Professor, the funniest teacher in the school – Mr. Koble.

Next, is the Mr. Clean award, for the teacher with the cleanest classroom. Now is your chance to show off your skills by tidying this table in record time. For Mr. Clean, pardon me, Mrs. Clean – Madame Schmidt.

Now for the Drill Sergeant, which is the teacher who enforces the rules the most, (which isn’t always a bad thing). We expect you know the rules by heart, so now’s your time to share a couple of your favorites. Please welcome Mr. Volaric as Drill Sergeant.

He took his time coming to the front, wearing his baseball hat, chewing gum and phone in hand. He reminded students to put their phone away and implicated no hats in school and no chewing gum.

For the Energizer Bunny, which is the teacher who is always energetic, we expect you’ll be able to read to us and skip at the same time, due to your excess amount of energy. We’d like to call upon Mrs. Sanderson as our Energizer Bunny!

Now for the Abacus, the teacher that can always be counted on. Now we tried to make this one a little bit punny and funny, and it may or may not have worked, but since you can be counted on, we expect you to be able to count. Now’s your chance to show us how many numbers of pi you know in different languages – Mrs. Ferguson.

And for the last award of the afternoon, the Mr. Miagi award. This award is for the student’s choice of the most encouraging teacher – Mr. Thesen.

Now for the important part – As we said at the beginning, its been a great year!

We hope next year continues to be just as great, as many students move on to broaden their horizons, while others challenge themselves. Let’s make next year at Fox Creek School a year with even more new experiences.

Student Council this year was full of many new learning experiences and plenty of team building. We’d like to thank Mr. Koble for being our advisor and accompanying us along this journey, as well as for his many other contributions, as well as Mr. Kryzanowski for his great contributions this year.

We’d also like to thank the many students and teachers involved in Student’s Council throughout the year, whether it was by being a member, or just attending events, since nothing would be possible without them. We’d also like to take this opportunity to again thank the many contributors to this event, as well as you guys for being here with us today.

As exam week is nearing us, in, well, mere hours, we’d like to wish everyone luck and happy studies, as well as a fantastic summer, on behalf of the Fox Creek School Student’s Council.

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