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| April 18, 2012
Jordine North wanted to showcase the beautiful snowmobile trails in the area and share her photos. She entered a Sled’N Snap online contest last winter, for a chance to win prizes.

She was pleasantly surprised to find out three of her 16 submitted photos made the Top 20.

The first photo, ‘snowy trails’ photo was taken in 2006 on the Eagle Run trail (starts at Iosegun’s North road); the most common place the North’s sled as a family. “I’ve never seen a more beautiful site around here than our trails in winter,” said Jordine.

The second ‘mountain sled picture’ is her husband Rod, sailing through the air and it was taken on March 23 in the Renshaw mountains in McBride, British Columbia. The third cabin picture is from Fox Creek’s Eagle cabin, 25-30 kms northeast of town, on March 11.

There were hundreds of pictures entered from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Mike Ransom and Allan Lariviere from Fox Creek also entered photos.

Voting began on April 7. People can vote everyday on as many pictures as they want. To vote, log onto the website You can share the link on Facebook and cast your vote daily. The contest ends April 30.

The grand prize is the use of a fancy, decked out four place enclosed sled trailer for a year. Smaller prizes, such as trail passes for first, second and third placings will be awarded in each province.

“It will be worth it if my picture wins! I was in first place for the first little while. A Saskatchewan pic and mine have been fighting it out from the start,” said Jordine. “I really would just like my picture to win; the prize is just a bonus.”

If she wins, the trailer gives the North’s the opportunity to load all of their sleds and go family sledding in surrounding areas and the mountains. The North’s have an older, smaller, open trailer, that isn’t big enough to haul all the sleds.

“We are hoping there is an option to buy the trailer at the end. We plan on getting one (a trailer) either way,” said Jordine.

Both Jordine and her husband Rod started sledding as children. The North’s have been sledding for six years as a family.

“It has made our family closer and we made many new friends. We all had sleds at first but my oldest got out of it when he got older. My youngest is a ‘total sled neck’ now. He keeps right up with Dad!” said Jordine.

The family gears up and heads out on the trails every weekend in the winter, participate and help organize the annual Sno-Goers poker rally and attend sled rallies in different towns overnight. Their youngest son was never able to go, due to lack of space on the trailer.

“We ride all our trails here as much as possible, out towards the Edson/Grande Prairie Trail and Waskahigan cabins. We have yet to sled the whole Golden Triangle trail (350 km trail connecting Fox Creek, Whitecourt and Swan Hills) due to Rod having to do lots of the trail clearing for the club and putting lots of hours into holding our own sled rallies the last two years,” she said.


The photo competition was open to all residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba aged 18 or over with a current registered snowmobile, except employees, agents and representatives of the Flaman Group of Companies, Alberta Snowmobile Association (ASA), Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association (SSA) and Manitoba Snowmobile Association (the Competition Sponsors).

Chris Brewer, CEO from SSA, started the idea started back in 2010. Then at the end of Saskatoon’s snowmobile trade show, Chris and Steve Whittington (Flaman Trailers) discussed how the two groups could work together.

The first Flaman’s online photo contest, ‘Stuck in the Muck’, was getting a media swarm as voting had just begun. Chris and Steve thought they could do something together next winter for sledding. The 2010/2011 sledding year came and went. The snow melted, spring came and Steve and Chris of course started talking about sledding again.

In June of this year, Flaman Trailers presented the idea of Sled’N Snap to the SSA. Chris and his band of directors loved it – as they should; Chris helped come up with the idea.

With Saskatchewan on board, Chris and Steve then knew they had to share the idea with the bordering provinces, as sledders travel for snow and different terrain. Ken Lucko in Manitoba was contacted and Chris Brookes in Alberta. By the end of the summer a partnership between all four organizations was formed with the idea to promote the great sledding contest across Western Canada. (Source:

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  1. Tracey Birdsell says:

    I just wanted to commend you on this article! I have been encouraging and of course voting for Jordine since the beginning! As I grew up in Fox Creek and my family also was enthusiastic snowmobilers, it is wonderful to see pics of our beautiful northern community! Jordine is absolutely right about the trails etc., there is nothing quite like it! It has been so much fun to participate in this contest and cheer Jordine on as well as to give us Fox Creek residents, present and past, a chance to share what it is like in the winter up north and all that we were privy to! Jordine and her husband do a lot for the sledding community in Fox Creek and it would be awesome for them to receive this for all their hard work, not too mention the picture is breathtaking! Loved the article! We are all cheering for you Jordine! Best of Luck!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    • Brandi Bedson says:

      Thank-You for your kind words and your comment, my pleasure. It is exciting to be apart of.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

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