Scouts, Cubs and Venturers – A Day-hike in the Life

| March 5, 2012

Hiking, Looking out for Trees and Cooking on an Open Fire

On Feb. 25, the Scouts, Cubs and Venturers went on a hike.

On the way to the site, Chris Swan walked into a tree. When we got there we started to gather fire material. Nelson started a fire with a whole box of matches. Chris was cooking a hot dog when he burnt himself. In the end, it was fun.

by Chris, Nelson, Brooke & Faith

A Breath of Winter Air, Teamwork and Basic Fire Starting

We learned how to make a fire that will last. All we needed was kindle, wood, matches, snow and a place to build the fire.

There was four people in a group, two were fire watchers, the other two went to go collect wood.

While we were collecting wood, one of our members got hurt so we had to do first aid on him. Then that same person got hurt again about five minutes after.

Our fire started to go out so we had to blow on it. While we were blowing on it the smoke got in our mouth and eyes, it was terrible. We had to make a lunch but it collapsed so Gord had to come fix it.

When it came time to put our fire out, we all chipped in and that was so much fun! We all got tired on the walk home and we were all soaked, but overall, it was very fun!

by Sammie, Taylor, Sairyen & Grace

Group Awesome & Hot Chocolate after a Long Day’s Work

The 1st Fox Creek Cubs, Scouts and Venturers went on a hike, which lasted from 11 am – 4 pm. On the hike they made fires that they had to maintain for the entirety of the hike.

They cooked stew and hot dogs over the fire and had to collect wood from the surrounding forest. Near the end the three groups had to hike back to the Scout Hall. When they arrived, they enjoyed cups of hot chocolate after a long day of work.

by Zach, Karizma & Noah

 наушники marshall

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