Message from Mayor MacKinnon

| May 19, 2011

With the severity of the disaster in Slave Lake, as well as the recent wildfires in and around town, I would like to assure the community that the Town of Fox Creek has a very comprehensive Municipal Emergency Response Plan in place.

This plan is designed to ensure a prompt and coordinated response for events that extend beyond routine emergencies and maintains an emergency management organization to ensure the safety of the citizens.

In the event that a major emergency or disaster occurs, this plan would be activated.   The Emergency Operations Centre would be assembled and a Local State of Emergency could be declared.

On Saturday, while the Fire Department, Sustainable Resources Development (SRD) and the RCMP were responding to the wildfire in Town, there was a lot going on behind the scene.  Our Deputy Director of Disaster Services, Cindy Nielson, was receiving up to date information on the fire from Sustainable Resource Development and it was being communicated to Acting CAO/Administration, Florrie MacLeod, Acting CAO/Operations, Owen Farnel, and the Mayor.

Acting CAO/Operations, Owen Farnel, monitored water levels at the pump house and continually relayed information to the Fire Chief and Mayor.  The Director of Community Services, Shannon Bray, and Director of Recreation and Parks, Renee Fenwick, key members in the Emergency Response Plan,  where on standby.

Fortunately, due to the quick actions of the Fire Chief, SRD and the entire Fire Department, the wildfire did not escalate into a disaster.

Had the word been given by the Fire Chief to evacuate residents, the Town was ready to activate the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at the Town Administration Office. Once the EOC is activated it is the centre for direct support to execute control over emergency operations.  The Public Information Officer would prepare Media Releases with accurate information advising the Town residents of any action that was needed.

The Media Releases cover a wide range of local broadcasted radio stations, tv channels and newspapers.

The Town of Fox Creek’s Emergency Response Plan is a working document that sets out the rules and guide lines for all major emergencies or disasters in the municipality.  The members are well trained and continue to take additional courses.  Coincidentally, on May 3 the Town hosted a Basic Emergency Management training session, and had several staff members attend as well as some Fire Department members.

On Wednesday, May 18 Acting CAO/Operations, Owen Farnel held a debriefing meeting with the Fire Chief, RCMP, SRD, MD of Greenview and Atco to review the events of the wildfire and to ensure that our plan is up to date.  Fox Creek is very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of emergency cover lexus sc430

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