Boreal Blight

| April 20, 2011

What goes through a person’s mind when he or she throws garbage out the window of their vehicle?

Springtime is when this is the most obvious. All the trash thrown out of vehicle becomes visible as the snow melts. Just take a drive on any road close to town. The evidence is disturbing.

And who throws old appliances and furniture out in the bush? Actually, I know the answer! You would be surprised at who does this. Having investigated many of these situations I have met the people responsible. Those people are always ashamed of their actions.

So why do it? It almost always comes down to convenience. “The dump was closed” is often the excuse. Really? The dump was closed so you decided to take a drive into the bush and dump that freezer out along a road! Oh, I understand! Are you kidding me?

I have some other observations to note. I have seen several local oilfield operators collecting garbage on their lease roads. I express my personal gratitude to these people. They are making a difference. I have seen a few local residents to take the time to pick up someone else’s garbage off the road as they head to the dump. Wow! Again…my thanks to them.

I have noticed also that there is an increase in litter on roads which lead to rigs sites, especially when the workers commute from town hotels rather than stay in a nearby camp. I am not suggesting that rig workers are to blame. I have no proof; I am just stating the facts. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that these workers are from out of town.

On second thought I don’t really care what goes through a person’s brain when they throw out garbage. It’s enough for me to know that they are selfish, lazy and rude. And if I am lucky enough to catch them I will be charging them and publishing their names in this column!тур тайланд

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Brandi loves meeting people and sharing their stories. A country girl at heart, she appreciates the simple things in a complex world.

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  1. Pat Davies says:

    I live in a court with six other houses and there are only two residences (ours & 1 other) who use garbage containers. The others use bags. There is no excuse for this. We all make enough money in this town to use proper garbage containers.

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  2. Jenn Hobson says:

    In an effort to be “bear smart” many municipalities in the province are providing metal garbage containers to residential properties. It pretty well eliminates the issue of animals getting into the garbage and having it scattered through-out the town.

    It also greatly reduces the incidents of bears roaming the streets looking to feast on exposed garbage. Something, we are all too familiar with here. Last year bears where spoted frequently in the residential area, and correct me if I’m wrong Marc, didn’t a few have to be put down because of it?

    Perhaps these bear smart bins would be useful in Fox Creek.

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    • David Chubay says:

      I don’t think that is the answer, Jenn. The cost for the bins would be very high and the bears will still come into town. They like dog food also. I use to live in Grande Cache and we had six “town bears” they all had names and people learned to live with them. The game wardens would trap them and fly them out of town. 3-4 months later they would show up again. We live in bear country, live with it. If people were cleaner and raise their kids to care about where they live, we would be alot better off. I could go on an on about this but, i don’t want Jenn to get mad at me. This isn’t about Jenn or one person this is too every person that lives in Fox Creek.

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  3. Brad Peavoy says:

    The other issue with curb side garbage, is not only does it get out out in bags, but quite often I see people who have put it out on a thursday or friday for a tuesday pick-up! That’s ridiculous, and the by-law officer should be warning and ticketing those people, because that is essentially littering!

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  4. Jeff McBeth says:

    There is a by-law, the Garbage Disposal bylaw that mandates people to use either tin/metal or plastic with affixed lids.

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  5. David Chubay says:

    I would like to see people in town to quit putting curb side garbage in bags with out containers. The birds and dogs get into the garbage and it makes our town look filty. I think there is a by-law about it and if i was the town cop there would be A LOT of tickets issued.

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    • Marc says:

      I agree. It seems to me this happens at the same locations over and over. Don’t they get tired of picking up garbage every week. Wouldn’t a cheap container help.

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