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| March 9, 2011

Is your computer and software up to date?

Nervous about accepting computer updates? Do you ignore them and hope they’ll go away? Have you noticed things look different on your computer than on others? Maybe you surfed better when the computer was younger.

How your computer renders web sites is almost entirely dependent on your browser software and that software is updated often to keep up with the ever changing, ever advancing capabilities of the net.

If your browser is out of date, you aren’t alone and you’re being cheated out of all the web has to offer.

Check the upper left corner of your window. For most of you Internet Explorer (blue e symbol) and some of you, Firefox (orange and blue fox symbol) are your browsers.

Current versions are: Internet Explorer 8.06 or 9 (brand new still in testing) and Firefox 3.6.15 or higher. *March 23, update: Firefox now 4.0

If you’re curious about which version you’re using and how long you’ve been ignoring updates:) –> click on the Help menu –> scroll down and click on About ____ (very bottom). Now compare that to the current version numbers Explorer 8.06, Firefox 3.6.

Now, for the fix.

Click on the software link of your choice to install / update one of the following, either will do, no matter which one you have currently installed and click download:

Firefox (recommended)

Internet Explorer

Let these experts do what they do. Follow the instructions. Allow, run, download, yes to anything they want or suggest! Your computer may need to restart for changes to take effect. Do that too.

For those of you with outdated browsers – this will change your online life:)

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  1. Barb says:

    Hi Mom! Now, I’m all choked up – Brandi and I have both heard from our Moms! No matter what, no matter how old we are, how far away – we still need our Moms.

    PS – Go to FAQ section, click on ‘I’m old and the text is too small’ 😉

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  2. D. Ryan says:

    I am impressed and wish you and Brandi great success. It is a lot to absorb first time on however shall try to keep up.

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