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| March 4, 2011

A small targeted audience is the strength of community newspapers. It’s also the biggest challenge.

How do we build a community newspaper that meets your needs and expectations without compromising the needs and expectations of another?

How do we ensure that the same information, services and features are accessible to all community members no matter their resources?

Fox in Focus aspires to present something about everything Fox Creek

The answer lays in tone and intent.

Fox in Focus aspires to present something about everything Fox Creek.

This paper will evolve; so will our readers and their needs.

The online format’s strengths are: flexibility, immediacy and responsiveness. Web based community news provides for interaction, accommodates comments, encourages discussion, values feedback and can respond quickly.

We’ve included many of the features and services you’ve told us, over the years, you wanted:

Community Events Calendar and Promotion Packages
Local business and services directory
Surveys, polls and inquiry
Local news, local people, local views
Reader announcements


Others are still in development, still others will be born of your suggestions and contributions.

We have an exciting line-up of potential local columnists and contributors. They’ll be revealed over time. Please welcome and support them, their efforts are vital to sharing something about everything.

Beyond the PEACE

The advent of community online news has facilitated our understanding of others and the world around us. The internet is a daily resource for 75% of Canadians. The age, access, and income barriers narrow every year. Aggregate news, feeds, variety, multi-media formats, ease, immediacy, interactivity and universality have contributed to online news’ growth.

Fox Creek has a voice; it has a perspective worth sharing …

We’ve met unique communities, discovered values, information, opinions and culture. We’ve sought internet resources to compare, to research, to laugh, grieve, and communicate. Online community news records our stories, efforts and achievements and shares them with an ever changing, shrinking world desperate for fellowship.

Fox Creek has a voice; it has a perspective worth sharing; our insights, culture and experience are pertinent well beyond geographical limits.

Let’s get started. We have so much to contribute.

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Brandi loves meeting people and sharing their stories. A country girl at heart, she appreciates the simple things in a complex world.

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  1. Cor Marinus says:

    Just what we needed in Fox Creek, now we can stay connected anywhere in the world, we will support this effort anyway we can.

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  2. Awesome! Site looks great and I’ve even picked up some ideas for my own site. 😉

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  3. Lori Miller says:

    Awesome Job you guys!! This is so exciting for Fox Creek! Way to go!!!
    Lori Miller

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